Mirric's Official Oblivion Armor Catalog

Totaly not a ripoff of NOACC

Feel free to suggest some armor combos


Combo number:14

Daedric Knight By Mirric

Masque of Clavicus Vile

Daedric Curiass 

Madness Grieves

Madness Boots and Gauntlets

Spell Breaker 

Guardian Of Order By Mirric

Mithril Set

Priest of Order Mask

Guardian of Madness By Mirric

Daedric Gauntlets and Boots

Madness Curiass 

Madness Shield

Ebony Helmet

Imperial Deserter By Mirric

Imperial Legion Helmet

Imperial Legion Grieves

Iron Boots and Gauntlets

Oblivion Walker By Mirric

Daedric Cuirass

Daedric Grieves 

Ebony Boots and Gauntlets

Blades Helmet

Hero of Kvatch By Mirric 

Kvatch Cuirass and shield 

Leather Greaves and boots

Mercenary By Mirric By Mirric

Leather Cuirass and Greaves

Guard Helmet

Iron Gauntlets and boots

Knight of Trinimac By Karver 

Elven Cuirass 

Orcish Helmet

Orcish Greaves

Orcish Boots

Orcish Gauntlets

Thief By Karver 

Black Hood

Dark Shirt

Leather Greaves and Boots

Agent By Karver 

Mythic Dawn Hood

Burgundy Shirt

Leather Boots And Greaves

Leather Gauntlets

Barbarian By Karver 

Huntsman Vest

Huntsman Leather Pants

Fur Boots

Fur Gauntlets

Hunter By Karver

Green Wool Shirt

Green Felt Linens

Leather Boots and Bracers

Green Robe Hood

Conjurer By Medieval 

Daedric Helmet Gauntlets and Boots

Necromancer robes

Soldier Of Fortune By Mirric

Anvil Guard Armor

Steel Greaves

Brusef Amelion's Gauntlets and Boots

Masque of Clavicus Vile

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Savant: Dark Seducer Helmet Saviour's Hide Elven Gauntlets Elven Greaves Blackwood Boots
Here's one; The Wanderer.
Leather Cuirass, Leather Boots, Fur Greaves, Fur Gauntlets, Fur Helmet

I wondered if someone would mimic NOACC for Oblivion :P

Awesome! Now I can look fly as hell in Cyrodiil too \m/

Looks good, gives me tons of ideas for roleplaying and builds in Oblivion now!

The Arch-Mage

Priest of Order Robe

Arch-Mage Hood


King of Worms:

King of Worms Robe

Necromancers Hood

Staff of Worms

Mystic Knight:

Mythic Dawn Hood

Ebony Armor

Ebony Boots

Ebony Gauntlets

Silver Greatsword


Masque of Clavicus Vile

Black and Burgundy Linens (Or whatever they're called)

Dwarven Gauntlets

Daedric Boots

Dwarven Pyro-Bot

Dwarven Helmet

Daedric Armor

Daedric Boots

Dwarven Gauntlets


Dark Seducer Armor

Black Hood

Ebony Shortsword


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