Simple question, folks. When presented with the opportunity to become duke/duchess of Mania or Dementia, which one do you go for, and why? The colourful Mania, or the depressing Dementia?

Personally, I tend to go for Mania, given that it's so bright. I also really like the quest Ritual of's almost sick, how you make Thadon overdose on greenmote and then take his blood to the altar; I enjoy the complexity of the quest in comparison to the Ritual of Dementia.

So post your responses below! I'd love to hear your views.

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Mania, I prefer more colorful and lively locations, unless the game has a gothic theme to it, or if it fits the game, but Mania, and its inhabitants, are just so fun to talk to

I know! Like the Museum of Odities for example!

As some of you may have gathered, I adore the Shivering Isles questline, and I absolutely love Mania. I like it for the same reason I tend to like the Oblivion art style more than Skyrim's - its colourful. Its vibrant. I just love that kind of environment. I feel Dementia is a little grittier, and I think I've got enough grit in my teeth from Skyrim.

True, Oblivion is more vibrant, especially the Mania. It almost looks like a fairy tale, but then some bloody colourful creature jumps on you wanting to suck your interstines. Rather twisted fairy tale, if you ask me.

The Dementia...I actually never compared it to Skyrim, because I find Dementia darker and more gloomy rather than gritty like Skyrim.

I mostly side with Mania. It feels a lot more bright and vibrant to me, and I find the Ritual of Mania to be a lot more fun to do than that of Dementia.

Definitely Mania!

I choose Dementia, only because they seem to me(from memory.. it's been a while!) to more commonly show off the interesting side of "crazy," which is to say the sociopaths and psychopaths, in a clinical sense. They're keyed for anti social behavior, and general rudeness (Think Dr. Gregory House) which is more interesting than the behavior in mania. Mania also didn't seem so unique, because their behavior reminded me more of the khajit from morrowind... just purely insane, with a touch of dipshittery :p

Dementia, cause in Mania youmcant sitmon the throne. Also, the seducers are nicer.

Doesn't really matter in the end but I went with Mania simply because I didn't like the darker tone that Dementia had.


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