Simple question, folks. When presented with the opportunity to become duke/duchess of Mania or Dementia, which one do you go for, and why? The colourful Mania, or the depressing Dementia?

Personally, I tend to go for Mania, given that it's so bright. I also really like the quest Ritual of's almost sick, how you make Thadon overdose on greenmote and then take his blood to the altar; I enjoy the complexity of the quest in comparison to the Ritual of Dementia.

So post your responses below! I'd love to hear your views.

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I only really went to Dementia.

Any particular reason?

I hate sneaking around on Oblivion so I usually just bludgeoned the face of that dutchess.

It's been quite a while.....I believe I sided with Mania the first time, but they're just so colorful :P. I think I prefer the architecture of Dementia, but the people of Mania. They seem more harmless-crazy. Like the guy who tried to eat glass grapes lol.

It doesn't really matter in the end because as everyone knows you get to rule over both in a few more quests.

Harmless-crazy? Actually, if someone would invent nuclear bomb, I imagine it would be some harmless-crazy guy from Mania 

I myself prefer Dementia. It´s more darker, it´s denizens are mostly psychos or other crazies. I find Crucible more to my liking too, for some reason, when I try to imagine the Bliss, I can´t remember  one god damn street. But I remember every corner in the Crucible.

Mania even if I play evil characters

What does either location have to do with being evil? The way the game represents them they're both just as dangerous as the other, it's just that dementia is more obviously so, while mania looks pretty but will kill you anyway.

Yeah, madness isn´t evil. It´s fun!

Barrels everywhere!

You would be fine example of Maniac, Goldie

I think I would choose Dementia



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