Greetings everyone. I'm Prisoner, host of the Classics group, and today I'm introducing a new series of discussions - Let's Fight. This series, for which we'll be posting new entries every mid-week, will focus on creatures. More precisely, we'll be looking at combating them.

We're looking for strategies, weapons, spells and other such things that can effectively deal with them. Similar to our other series, Let's Guide, the strategies will be drawn from the community, so feel free to tell us whatever it is you use to deal with the creature in question. The creature type will change every week, of course. If you don't have a particular method you use to fight these creatures, maybe you have a story to tell about an epic or fun encounter with them. All are welcome!

This week, in spirit of dragon week, we're covering the closest thing the older games have to dragons - cliff racers (come on Paul, it's close enough ). If you've played Morrowind, or even heard of it, you probably know about these guys. These terrors from the depths of hell.

Just the picture horrifies me.

*Shudders* Now these things are absolutely horrible. They fly down to you, and then hover there beating the crap out of you as you desperately try to stop them. I don't think anybody likes them (except Emer but he's weird our amazingly glorious leader), and that's one of the main reasons we're talking about how to utterly crush them. So how do you deal with the harrowing experience of encountering a cliff racer? Perhaps you have a tale of one such experience? Share your strategies, items or stories here!


Levitation Something about the way the physics or whatever works, a Levitate spell targeted at the Cliff Racers will make them drop out of the sky, taking falling damage when they splat. (Paul England)


The Hunter Becomes the Hunted - Levitation + 100% Chameleon (Karver)

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But now seriously. Something similar to this actually happened to me. Because it is almost impossible to sneak on these bastards - sorry mom - I usually shred them to pieces with sword, but one day I was really anoyed of them. So when I encountered one, I´ve put on Boot of Blinding speed and blindly ran away. When I took off the boots and looked behind me, I saw...well, something like that Picture

Lol Effing birds, I so remember saying that  many times while playing Morrowind. Leave a town and go anywhere near the Ashland's or a swamp and hey presto!! effin birds. For me though a sharp couple of pokes with a short sword, or a shock spell usually brought them to an end, but I remember they ended me more than a few times. effing birds.

Their hit box must be extremely small because I shot 25ish arrows at one before it died. My skill was only at about 40, though. I missed 20 times....

They are really hard to hit. Little buggers.

Also good tactic is using Levitation + 100% Chameleon. Makes you the Hunter a them the Prey.

Well, I can't take credit for this (probably got it from a post on the Bethesda forums), but one tactic I've used is to make a custom spell of Levitate on target.  Something about the way the physics or whatever works, a Levitate spell targeted at the Cliff Racers will make them drop out of the sky, taking falling damage when they splat.  

Try it!  Good times...

I never tried that or heard about it. But I´m going to try it! Definitely!

Thanks, Paul

Haha, yeah that sounds hilarious. I seem to have this strange problem with regenerating magicka, though....

You can't regenerate magicka in Morrowind...

Lol yeah I know. I was amazed when I learned that, though.

Just take a spear and thats all you need.

Praise Saint Jiub! 


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