For this Event I chose an unorthodox Knight, and that is an Orc. I know it sounds weird, but Gortwog´s Orsinium introduced a new way for Orcs to live, and that is worship of Trinimac, an old Aldmeri God-Hero. I think it would be better for the build to speak for itself.

Knights are extremely devoted, often fanatical, soldiers who have pledged themselves to a chosen cause, deity or ruler.

When the Nova Orsinium was established as a Province of the Empire, Gortwog gro-Nagorn sent many Orcs into the wide world of Tamriel with a simple task: to brring fame and riches to the great city of Orsinium. These Orcs were many things: Mercenaries, adventurers, tomb raiders...knights. Many of them were the chosen warriors of the newly established Cult of Trinimac. They were Knights of Trinimac, and their mission was to show the people of Tamriel that Orcs can be better, that they can be as civilized as anyone else. Their banner was of strength, honor and unity.

Race: Orsimer

Birthsign: Warrior or Steed

Skills: Blunt, Block, Heavy Armor, Armorer, Alchemy, Hand to Hand, Light Armor

Specialization: Combat

Primary Attributes: Strength and Endurance

Secondary Attributes: Speed and Personality

Quests: Main Quest, Fighters Guild, Arena, Shivering Isles, Malacath´s Shrine



This guy is a balls-out warrior, charging into battle without hesitation, warhammer in hand and a battle-cry on his lips. Yet, the Knights of Trinimac are different to regular orcs. They are not as savage and blood-thirsty as their short sighted blood-kin; they are willing to take more peaceful path. The reason is that they want to win the acceptance of other races, and they can´t do that while always looking for a fight.

So, here we have a Knight, a strong warrior who has to control his anger, who must act somewhat chivalrous, an Orc who has to struggle against his violent nature. A knight able to use many different potions to enhance his attributes or create different effects that can help him on his difficult path.

His main Attributes are Strength and Endurance, to maximize his health and damage with blunt weapons, with the secondary attribute being Speed to increase your movement speed. That´s why I chose to use either the Warrior or Steed Birthsign - you either want more mobility or more survivability, depending on your preferred playstyle.

Personality here is pretty much for roleplaying. This Orc has to become more civilized, to earn the respect of other races and to learn how to act in their presence. So increasing Personality is a way to reflect this in your gameplay.

But don´t make a mistake. Yes, he´s a Knight. But he´s still an Orc.


Blunt, Block, Heavy Armor

It wouldn´t be an Orc without massive armor, a dangerous looking warhammer and a few crushed skulls in his wake. Blunt and Block means you can switch between one-handed and two-handed axes and maces as you wish, Heavy Armor supporting your damage reduction.

I would like to point out that if you find an Enchanted shield, you can still take the advantage of its effects even while you´re wielding a two-handed weapon. The game counts that shield as equipped, so you´ll get the bonuses of it´s enchantment, but sadly no Armor Rating.

Armorer, Alchemy

Repairing your armor takes away the need of paying for it, and because you´ll be getting hit a lot, you´ll need it. Once you raise your Armorer high enough, you´ll be able to improve your equipment beyond normal, increasing the Armor Rating and Weapon Damage of your equipment.

Alchemy will be your main tool for healing, but also for boosting your combat capabilities, increasing your Armor Rating, Elemental Resistances and Attributes. No poisons here; this Orc fights with honor, proving his superior strength with his skill and endurance.

Light Armor

As I said before, because I was using an Elven Cuirass - which is Light Armor - it´s good to have it as Major Skill. Everytime you get hit, it will increase both your Heavy Armor and Light Armor skills, though Light Armor will level somewhat slower because you are wearing only one piece.

Hand to Hand

This is mainly a roleplaying skill, because you might get into a situation where you wouldn´t want to kill someone. If you ever get into a situation where killing someone would bring shame on you and Orsinium, put your hammer away and beat them senseless with your fists. (It´s the only way to simulate “not killing” someone)


(Optional) Restoration

I felt I should mention Restoration for those who are not big fans of Oblivion Alchemy, or find it too difficult. If you swap Alchemy for Restoration, you´ll be able to get most of the same effects provided by Alchemy - but not all. You´ll get Resist Element spells, Fortify Stats, Attributes and even Skills. Plus it might give you a reason to join Mages Guild, giving you access to both Enchanting and Spellmaking.

On the other hand, you´ll be losing a much wider arsenal of effects from almost every school which Alchemy provides. Reason why I went with Alchemy is that I really like it and gathering ingredients is something that keeps me busy in this game, with the shortage of quests. It´s your choice.


In Orsinium, Trinimac is a banner of strength, honor and unity. It encourages Orsimer to integrate themselves into society, embracing civilization instead of considering it weak. Civilization means strength in unity, and unity in honor, at least for the Orcs of Orsinium

This Orc is a messiah of the new path his race has taken; he must be an example. He would help anyone he could, humbly accepting any payment. Just beware, his help is still very...straightforward. Every problem can be solved with one swing of warhammer, right?

Now, don´t forget about those riches and fame that should be brought back to Orsinium. Those who have the Battlehorn Castle DLC, it´s the perfect place to be your base of operations, to which you can return with any enchanted weapon, gems and Ayleid stones. It´s situated very close to High Rock and Hammerfell, but for those who don´t own that DLC, buying a house in Chorrol is a good option too, and I bet there are some mods with houses in that location.

Another great option to bring exotic artifacts to Orsinium is a visit to the Shivering Isles. I know what you´re thinking, but the Shivering Isles actually introduce a group of Orsinium Orcs entering it, looking for artifacts, only to be obliterated by the Gatekeeper. But you´re a Knight of Trinimac; you can defeat the Gatekeeper and earn entry  into the Shivering Isles. You are strong enough to keep your sanity and resist the temptations of theDaedric Prince of Madness. Or not?

To earn Orsinium some fame, you can enter the Arena, proving to the people of the Imperial City that no one bests an Orc. Becoming the Grand Champion is a great honor and Adoring Fan(s) can spread the tale of your prowess. If you don´t kill him first…

The Fighters Guild and stopping Mehrunes Dagon from destroying Tamriel is something that you shouldn´t miss. Could there be a better opportunity to show Tamriel how much they need Orcs?

Malacath´s Shrine is something that´s purely optional. Malacath is a test. Orcs of Orsinium believe that Malacath and Trinimac are two separate entities, and those who follow Malacath are blinded, because the Daedric Prince doesn´t want them to change. But every Orc has that taste for violence in his blood and Malacath loves violence. Will you be able to stay on the righteous path or will you go back to savagery, wielding Volendrung to crush weak humans?

Knight of Orsinium is quite capable in the science of Alchemy, increasing his survivabilty, making him stay on his feet much longer, so he can crush more skulls. I´ve listed a few of the potions I´ve been using for both 50 and 75 Alchemy ranks. For some reason, the same combination I was using on rank 50 adds Damage Health on rank 75, which I found interesting, because it seemed like if you use the potions too much, you slowly become poisoned by them.

I would like to explain that Fortify Personality + Luck potion. From time to time, you have to persuade people, and increasing your Personality makes Oblivion´s persuasion mini-game much easier. The Luck is there because this Attribute increases all other Attributes by a small amount. Basically, a skill is increased by 40% of however many points of Luck you have over 50; e.g., for a Luck skill of 60, influenced skills are increased by 4 (40% of 10)

Fortify Health + Shield + Restore Fatigue (Potato + Wheat Grain + Flax Seeds + Somnalius Frond) Journeyman

Fortify Health + Shield + Restore Fatigue + Feather ( Potato + Wheat Grain + Flax Seeds + Somnalius Frond) Expert

Light + Fire Shield + Restore Fatigue (Cheese Wedge + Lettuce + Alkanet Flower + Milk Thistle Seeds) Journeyman

Light + Fire Shield + Resist Fire (Cheese Wedge + Dragon´s Tongue + Alkanet Flower + Milk Thistle Seeds) Expert

Fortify Strength + Fortify Endurance + Burden (Arrowroot + Garlic + Moonkshood Root Pulp) Expert

Fortify Speed + Feather + Restore Health + Damage Health (Venison + Wisp Stalk Caps + Pear + Lady´s Mantle Leaves) Expert

Dispel + Cure Disease + Resist Disease (Bergamot Seeds + Mandrake Root + Clanfear Claws + Grapes) Journeyman

Dispel + Cure Disease + Resist Disease + Damage Health (Bergamot Seeds + Mandrake Root + Clanfear Claws + Grapes) Expert

Fortify Personality + Fortify Luck (Bonemeal + Imp Gall + Primrose Leaves + Troll Fat) Journeyman

Fortify Personality + Fortify Luck + Damage Health (Bonemeal + Imp Gall + Primrose Leaves + Troll Fat) Expert

Water Walking + Water Breathing (Tiger Lily + White Seed Pod + Grapes + Scales)

Water Walking + Water Breathing + Restore Fatigue + Damage Health (Grapes + Onion + Tiger Lily + White Seed Pod) Expert

Frost Shield + Resist Frost (Garlic - Columbine Pulp Root + Morning Glory Root Pulp + Sacred Lotus Seeds) Journeyman


You´re an Orc, you smash things until they´re dead. There´s really not much to say regarding the tactics of a  pure warrior, but that´s when the Alchemy and its potions comes in, usually depending on what enemies you´re fighting.

Melee - Hard hitting enemies or fast ones, it doesn´t matter. You usually want to combine some potions with Fortify Strength and Endurance, some Fortify Health, Fatigue and Shield. All this should increase your survivability, the Endurance increasing your Health and Strength increasing your damage.

Ranged - Archers in Oblivion are known to be cowards, running away from you, so you have to make sure you can catch them. Fortify Speed and Shield are your best bet here, maybe even some Cure Poison potions, because they often use poisoned arrows. Your goal is to reach them as fast as possible, to crush their skulls.

Mages - Combining Resist and Elemental Shield potions here should do the trick against those weaklings. Raising your defences against the particular element they´re using against you will give you enough time to get your warhammer close to them. Have some Restore Attribute potions ready; mages like to lower your stats.


Final Words

So, that´s it. I would like to thank Kael for his corrections, as always.

Also, thanks to Phil who shared his ideas for Knight of Trinimac.

And lastly...go crush some skulls. And if you´re not really on good terms with Oblivion Alchemy, go check my Alchemy Guide.

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You're welcome!

This is so cool! An Orsimer knight has finally graced the hallowed halls of our Vault  I love the alchemy, it really is the adventurer's best friend in TES IV.

So, here we have a Knight, a strong warrior who has to control his anger, who must act somewhat chivalrous, an Orc who has to struggle against his violent nature. A knight able to use many different potions to enhance his attributes or create different effects that can help him on his difficult path.

I really like the hint that this Orc uses alchemy to help control his temper, like a medication or rescue remedy. That's a damn good idea and slightly humorous to picture a big, hulking Orc knight picking flowers

Heh, thanks, Phil. Your ideas were really inspirational. And yeah, Alchemy in Oblivion is really amazing,. You can make jack-of-all-trades character with Alchemy, but as I said, Restoration here would fit too, plus you could use Spellcrafting. But Alchemy is more fun.

You know, picking up flowers...

Great build Karver! I really like the art too. Sorry I called your Knight derpy, though :O. I guess most of Oblivion's characters look like that to me.

Thanks, Tim. And no worries. Oblivion is somewhat derpy :D

Really cool!! Oblivion Builds, awesome!!


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