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The Elder Scrolls Classics is introducing a new function for the group: Character Build Events. This will work similarly to the CB group's events, but will, notably, be based around older games.

Our events will be open to players of any classic Elder Scrolls game; there will be no set limitations unless otherwise noted.

This event, as you may have guessed, is going to be based around the gods of the Aurbis. Interpret this as you may; you could be a divine servant, a demigod of some sort, or even a Daedric Prince. However, please use existing gods as the base; this has to be within the bounds of lore.

Here is a page of gods in the Elder Scrolls Universe (press a letter next to "Overview" for an alphabetical list):

Comment below of PM me if you want to join. Also include the name of the build that you want to make. All builds must be posted during the weekend of Saturday, November 7th, and must be prefaced by "Event Build:". You must include the correct tags.

Current Participants:

*Alduin and Akatosh- Dragonborn1421*

???- Illfated

Sheogorath- Karver

Molag Bal- Chris Dionko

Rajhin- Jayce

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Oh man, I wish I could join this one but the Celestial Event has my gaming time already... Maybe the next one :(

No problem.

I shall try to throw a build up if possible bug due to restraints of working on two builds at the moment might not have it up.

I'll use Alduin and Akatosh as my gods if that's possible (one build two gods) and it will probably be Oblivion based

I want to do this, but I don't know if I know enough about Oblivion to do it. Oblivion was pretty much my introduction to RPG's, and I never got too deep into it's mechanics.

Don't worry- you have more than a month, and I (as well as many others) will help you out if you ask.

I think I might give it a shot...... haven't played oblivion in a while, so It could be interesting.

Sure. What do you want to build?

I actually have no clue at this point. As I said I might give it a shot, My problem is both time and the fact that I haven't played in a while. Give me a couple of days so i can replay the game a bit and ill give my answer,


Oh right, I've got to put the name of the build. It's called The Disciple of Anu

Don't worry- I just need the corresponding deity. However, that sounds fun. Based on your description in our discussions, I will probably play that build after I finish my Morrowind overhaul.

I was thinking about embracing the idea of becoming the New Sheogorath. Still have to do some testing, but I think it could work. So count me in. :)


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