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Character Building Hall of Fame

In the Hall of Fame are some of the best builds in the group. These are picked by both the community and the judges in the Golden Dragons awards for each category. The award itself represents the com… View »

Past Contests

#1 - The Mythic Dawn Announcement Post Panel's Thoughts Submissions: First Place: The Keeper of the Dawn by Matt Walker and Chris Aaron Second Place: The Daedra Seducer by Tim Fa… View »

Ranking in the Character Building Group

To keep builds nice and organized in the Character Building group, we use a rank system in addition to the official tags (see here). The rank of a build is based upon the number of 'likes' the build… View »

Character Building Guides

This is a page for guides and tools used for making character builds. Guide to Character Building The Skyrim Perk Calculator Character Building Handbook - Part 1 Character Building Handbook - Part 2… View »

Group Rules 14 Comments

Group Rules You've just joined a group, and all groups have rules that their members should follow. If you don't follow the rules your build could be deleted or closed. They are really very simple s… View »



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