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Character Building Hall of Fame

       The Character Building Hall of Fame is a place where we show the best builds that the Character Building Group has to offer! It has been 3 years since The Elder Scrolls V:… View »

Past Contests

This page is for archiving the past contests we have had. Contests are quite different from events as there are clear winners chosen. Both contests here are closed. #1 - The Mythic Dawn Announcement… View »

Ranking in the Character Building Group

To keep builds nice and organized in the Character Building group, we use a rank system in addition to the official tags (see here). The rank of a build is based upon the number of 'likes' the build… View »

Character Building Guides and Resources

Here is a list of some useful guides for both constructing and commenting on Character Builds. There is also some useful websites and discussions here that will be useful when construc… View »

Group Rules

Group Rules You've just joined a group, and groups have rules for members to follow. If you don't follow the rules, your build could be deleted or worse, you could be banned from the Character Build… View »


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