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The Character Building Hall of Fame

The Character Building Hall of Fame is where we show the best builds that the Character Building Group has to offer! It has been several years since Skyrim's release and the following builds, organi… View »

Past Contests

This page is for archiving the past contests we have had. Contests are quite different from events as there are clear winners chosen. Both contests here are closed. #1 - The Mythic Dawn Announcement… View »

Ranking in the Character Building Group

To keep builds nice and organized in the Character Building Group, we use a rank system in addition to the official tags (see here). The rank of a build is based upon the number of 'likes' the build… View »

Character Building Guides and Resources

Here is a list of some useful guides for both constructing and commenting on Character Builds. There is also some useful websites and discussions here that will be useful when construc… View »

Group Rules

Group Rules You've just joined a group, and groups have rules for members to follow. If you don't follow the rules, your build could be deleted or worse, you could be banned from the Character Build… View »


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