The Character Building Recycle Bin is a discussion in which people can describe:

            A) Abandoned character build ideas which did not have enough content to be posted.

            B) Character builds which had already been posted but were deleted in a Deathmatch.

       After describing such character builds, other members offer feedback on what should be changed, added or improved. Following this, the member who posted the description can:

            A) Remake the build.

            B) Team up with others to remake the build.

            C) Give the idea to someone else to improve it and post it.

       Essentially, the goal of this discussion is to take "unwanted" character build ideas and recycle them into better builds by getting feedback from the community. If you're still a bit confused as to what I'm trying to say, check out Tae-Rai's Unwanted Character Build Ideas Thread.

Rules and Management

  • Post a single character build idea per comment!
  • Do not use this discussion to ask what people think of a fully developed character build that you plan on posting; that's what the Character Building Help Desk is for.
  • Similarly, don't post any work in progress builds in here. We have the Workshop for that.
  • All recycled character builds, once posted, must be linked in a direct reply to the original comment describing the recycled build's ideas.

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Replies to This Discussion

Character Build Name: The Brewmaster

I recently had this idea of a Khajiit Brewmaster wandering the lands of Skyrim along with the Khajiit Caravans. I envisioned it as a tough warrior that uses potions to boost his physical attributes. The catch is that all of the potions have negative effects (like lingering health damage) in addition to the positive effects. This is an awesome way of recreating that drunk effect feeling and it clearly shows the negative effects that too much drinking has over the body. As for armor, I found out that Dawnguard Red Sleeveless Armor and Stormcloak Officer Boots and Gauntlets look awesome!

This seems like something that would be really cool. What kind of weapons would you think he'd use?

I have no idea. I don't know much about Khajiit lore. But I did envision him as a drunk king fu master.

Is this concept up for the taking?

Everything in the Recycle Bin is up for the taking. 

Loving the armor combo!

Fudgemuppet made this

It happens. Those guys have made a lot of our builds too. I'm sure it was completely original to Noodles when he made it though. I don't think we have too many Fudgemuppet fans around here, really so any similarities are probably just coincidence.
I'm a bit skeptical about Fudgemuppet having the same armor combo and potions with negative effects idea. Then again I don't follow them very often. I'll check their build out.
I can't find any Fudgemuppet Skyrim Build named Brewmaster on youtube.
Don't worry about it bro. Two guys can come up with similar ideas on their own. I really don't think you'd copy FM.

I was just curious about it.  


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