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Simply put, this is the place for any and all feedback regarding the Character Building Group. If you have any ideas for improving the group, post them and we, the CB hosts, will discuss it with you and the rest of the group in here. We take all feedback seriously, so don't be afraid to post! Feel free to suggest new tags, events, or the like too. However, if you have an issue with a specific build or user, we ask that you privately contact one of the group hosts or a site administrator instead of posting it in here.

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Note: This is a repost. Noodles and I decided to repost this as a discussion rather than a group page so that it will show up in the discussion forum.

It will make suggestions easier for us to spot. So bring it on! 

I know there are limits to the tagging and indexing system but I've always wanted some more advanced filters in "The Character Build Archive." Some samples of how to chain tags together to filter results would be a nice starting point.

That search field in the top right just doesn't cut it. 

Unfortunately there's only so much that the Ning software will let us do, but what you could do is put several tags into the site-only search button. For example, here's what came up when I searched the following: "Character Build Blacksmith", "Character Build Enchanter", "Character Build Juggernaut"

EDIT: It's not linking properly, but hopefully you get the idea.

Wow I never noticed that button!

Uhm...could we have a Character Building Workshop, maybe? It'd be nice to have a place where people can post their unfinished work-in-progress builds ahead of time, for the sake of general advice, build modification tips, and other such feedback (Meaning that it'll have a different niche than the short-answer helpdesk)! 

To prevent it from getting too congested with abandoned builds and such...perhaps builds that haven't been touched in over 2 weeks can be deleted from there? O: 

We had a group like that, I believe. The Skyrim Blog Testing Facility, I think it was called? It was deleted, though I don't know the exact reason why.

We could create a discussion for housing WIP builds and generating feedback on them, but trying to fit a bunch of character builds, even unfinished ones, into a single discussion seems a bit much to me.

Oh whoops! I think I was thinking of a separate forum / group for it, rather than a single discussion. That way, completed builds could be "transplanted" from one group to another..if it works like that? O:

Unfortunately, it's beyond our power as CB hosts to create a new group/forum; you'd have to ask the site admins about that.

Aww...alright. D: Thanks for accommodating my request anyway! 

You're welcome!

Could we have a template for those of us who use Perk Overhauls. I myself use Skyrim Redone because I like the perks better than the vanilla ones. As such, I playtest most of my builds in Skyre. Recently though, I've been having doubts on how well such builds would be accepted here and have pretty much put them in the holding cell of doom.

I didn't even know you all accepted modded builds until I very carefully looked over the build archive, so it would be incredibly helpful if you (the hosts) posted what you expect a build using a perk overhaul to look like. (i.e. do you want pink banners at the top proclaiming that this is not for everyone and yes uses a mod that overhauls the perks) My poor builds on the back burner of uncertainity would thank you.


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