Inspired by The Elder Scrolls dark atmosphere I wanted to create an assassin based character that would show what people are willing to do to become rich, famous, or take revenge. This class occurred to me after realizing that even with good intentions there's a catch for everything, and a price willing to be paid.

Veron-Drez assassin for the Morag Tong was one of the many affected by corpus. Though after getting cured it left his lifespan expanded. After an assassination gone wrong he left the guild fleeing to skyrim for his life. Looking for refuge he made a deal with a necromancer who let kept him hidden in exchange for protection. During a night of drunken talk he revealed his secret to the necromancer. The necromancer used him for experiments for several years keeping him in a comatose state. After his whereabouts were found out, he fled not having enough time to take Veron's body with him, being left in a cave just outside Rorikstead. Now several hundred years later you've awaken, realizing that so much time has passed since you came to skyrim, you begin your adventure hoping your past doesn't come back to haunt you.



Race: Dunmer.

Stone: Lovers Stone than Shadow Stone

Shouts: Aura Whisper, Become Ethereal, Bend Will, Dismay, Drain Vitality, Marked for Death, Slow Time, Throw Voice.

Quests: Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Composure Speed and Precision, Civil War, Dawnguard(Not the vampires), Ill Met By Moonlight, Olava's Token, The Forsworn Conspiracy, No One Escapes Cidhna Mine, Pieces of the Past.

Major Skills: Archery, One Handed, Sneak, Illusion.

Minor Skills: Enchanting, Light Armor, Speech, Smithing.

Weapons: Dragonbone Sword, Mehrunes' Razor, Dragonbone Bow, Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow.

Spells: Fury, Frenzy, Mayhem, Fear, Rout, Hysteria, Calm, Pacify, Harmony, Invisibility.

Enchants: Fiery Soul Trap, Paralyze, Absorb Stamina, Drain Magicka.

Armor: Shrouded Cowl - Ancient Shrouded Cowl, Gauntlets of the Old Gods, Shrouded Gloves Ancient Shrouded Gloves, Shrouded Boots - Nightingale Boots - Ancient Shrouded Boots, Savior's Hide, Shrouded Armor - Ancient Shrouded Armor, Nightingale Armor.

Powers: Ancestor's Wrath, Shadowcloak of Nocturnal, Summon Spectral Assassin. 

The Build. 

Possibly the most attractive feature about Nightblades is their ability for dealing with enemies quickly. Nightblades typically favor Bows and daggers and place emphasis on one shot kills, poisons, and sniping from afar. Whereas the Revenant will use illusion spells to toy with and taunt its enemies.

One of its main methods of dealing with an enemy is luring together multiple targets and using illusions to force them to kill one another. Primarily an assassin, ranged combat is conducted gracefully with a bow and arrow, held together nicely with perks in sneak, but looking for more fun and inventive ways to kill its prey the Revenant plays with its foes mind, then it picks off the last remaining and weak who believe they have won.

Bringing enchanted weapons and quick reflex the Revenant is not above close combat, using the voice, and summoning assassins from the void. He dances around his foes quickly failing them on the battlefield.

The Revenant Assassin is a build suitable for experienced players who can handle balancing multiple skills. 

The demand of a level 81 character is softened however due to Dawnguards generous supply of master level trainers. The Revenant works alone in most cases, but if needed he can summon a spectral assassin to do his bidding. 

Arms and Armor

The majority of armor the Revenant wears is either stolen or his reward after a contract. Though it may take time the Revenant will amass a huge armory of ill gotten goods.


(1-10) Fur Armor - Studded Armor, (10-20) Scaled Armor - Elven Armor, (20-30) Thieves Guild Armor - Chitin Armor, (30-40) Linwe Armor - Glass Armor.

The Revenant wears Light Armor relying on stealth just like regular assassins, but always has something on too increase his illusions. He relies on Shadow Stone as well as the Shadowcloak of Nocturnal sneaking always in the shadows bidding his time, before he strikes.

Level (40-81)

  • Shrouded ArmorIncreases Poison Resistance by 50% / Muffled Movement / Bow Damage Increased by 20% / Back Stab Does Double Damage.
  • Ancient Shrouded ArmorIncreases Poison Resistance by 100% / Muffled Movement / Bow Damage Increased by 35% / Double Sneak Attack Damage with One Handed.
  • Nightingale Armor: Increases Stamina by 20 points. Increases Frost Resistance by 15% / Wearer is Muffle and moves silently / Lockpicking is 15% easier. One Handed attacks do 15% more Damage / Illusion spells cost 12% less to cast.
  • Armor of the Old Gods: Destruction cost 15% less to cast / Sneak is 20% better / Bows do 20% more damage / Increases your Magika by 30 points.

The armor the Revenant wears is used to strike fear into the hearts of his already mentally unstable foes.

Iisk Dovah Sos.

For the Revenant only one weapon Embodies his ways, a sword forged from the bones of fallen dragons which translates to Blood Dragon Fang. This blade is the pride of the Revenants Arsenal.

Zaarein Dovah Sos.

The last thing you never see. Forged from the bones of fallen dragons this bow has struck down many on the battlefield and is the first thing the Revenant reaches for when Illusions are not an option. Always precise, fleeted, and soundless the bane of anyone with a contract on their head.

Perk Placement Level 81



As stated before the Revenant  toys with his prey using his illusions to play on their mind, forcing them to attack each other friend or foe until only one or none remain.

Requires: Marked for Death, Mayhem, Invisibility.

 Spell holy consumemagicRegenerative Fear

The Revenant feeds off the fear of his prey restoring health magicka and stamina.

Requires: Hysteria, Drain Vitality.

Points of Interest 

Necromantic Apocalypse 

Being betrayed by a necromancer when he was seeking refuge from the Morag Tong, Veron has developed a Vendetta against necromancers he now openly seeks out their lairs.

These are locations of known necromancers.


Boulderfall Cave

Brittleshin Pass

Cragwallow Slope

Darklight Tower

Falkreath Watchtower

Fellglow Keep


Hob's Fall Cave

Ilinalta's Deep


Nightcaller Temple

Northwatch Keep 

Rannveig's Fast 

Southfringe Sanctum

Sunderstone Gorge

Wolfskull Cave



Thieves After Your Heart

Though an assassin Veron is willing to increase his wealth by any means. The thieves guild is known to help in that area, but after joining you see they have ran into some problems see if you can remedy this situation and help your new friends. 

Delvin is offering jobs such as:

The Bedlam Job: Steal a set amount of gold in items from your targets house. Can't I just take their gold?

The Fishing Job : Pickpocket you target. The guards look directly at me and I never get caught.....

The Numbers Job: Make edits to a business ledger.This is why I pay my bills on time!

Vex is also offering jobs such as:

The Burglary Job: Robbing the wealthy and giving to the poor.....your poor so it's still good...right?

The Shill Job: Incriminate the wealthy......aren't they already criminals????

The Sweep Job: Take what the wealthy value the most I mean they can just rebuy it.

The Heist Job: Stealing from a store ahhhhh nothing like the classics.

Time to change how Skyrims people see the guild :

Silver Lining: A silversmith in Markarth wants his mold back. Hope they didn't break it.

The Dainty Sload: Frame the captain for a deal gone bad.........I know what was his mind when he named this ship.

Imitation Amnesty: Help someone escape from jail. Hope he didn't drop the they have soap in Skyrim?

Summerset Shadows: Destroy a rival guild and destroy their flag. Buuuurn baby Burn!

After helping them regain their foot hold on Skyrims Crime you should reasonably wealthy! Lake view here I come!!!


3rd Era 407 - 417 Veron-Drez is born to a skooma addict and a whore in Blacklight. His life at time was harsh but, he was happy nonetheless. As time goes on he turns to petty crime, stealing food, smuggling, watching out for guards for local thieves.

3rd Era 417 - 420 He's content with his life up until this point, he had a job that was legal, his father was slowly recovering from his addiction, and from the money he makes his mother didn't have to sell her body to support them anymore. Things were getting somewhat better. Eventually one night he was working late at the docks and probably wasn't coming home till the next morning, but something told him to head home anyway. His mother was raped and murdered and his father was to blame being that he was a skooma addict. The next 4 years of his life were dark ones, from watching his father die in a cell to escaping this city after the smuggler he worked from framed him for a bad deal his view of life changed.

3rd Era 420 - 423 Tempted to join the Dark Brotherhood he started taking assassination jobs until he was about 17, he would eventually be recruited by the Morag Tong and begin to become obsessed with gold he would go as far as becoming an honorary member of house Telvanni and be their personal assassin at times. Making a name for himself and being hired by nobles, he would eventually be hired by the man who raped his mother and framed his father his rage got the best of him, he never took a job in Blacklight again.

3rd Era 423 - 427 At the age of 21, highly requested and one of the wealthiest assassins in the guild Veron wanted for nothing. Yet he was one of the many effected by corpus, he was one of the few after the Nerevarine was first to be cured with out going to house Dagoth. His luck would change though after he was sent to assassinate Hlaalu Helseth this attempt along with many other before failed horribly. This would lead to his fleeing to skyrim.


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I think Ning chopped off half your build. Looks alright so far though

Agreed. It does need A bit more to what is present. Fir example, gge title should.start with "Character Build: ________."

+1 from me, i love the undead assassin idea because most of the time i play a stealth build so great job, just flesh it out some more and you should have a very nice build going for you

I know it's being worked on, and this might be explained later, but why the strong investment into enchanting with all of the pre-enchanted equipment you've listed?

Weapons you will eventually get later off.

Good idea, but what's unique about it? An OP Nightblade is all I see now. Flesh out the roleplay and gameplay sections, explain why you chose those skills, tell us how you played this build.

Some notes on your presentation:

Make all the text the same size, the size of backstory works best (leave the section titles the same size, but remove numbers of sections and center them). Use icons for your special moves, and add images between sections 4-5 and 5-6. Use Character Building and race tags like this:

"Character Build Archer", "Character Build Assassin", Race:Dunmer

This looks much better. Some points still remain like the same size text (though in very small amount, in the perk section) and the tags. I also suggest using font other than Arial, it looks not cool with a size>10 text like yours. Try using other fonts, I found Georgia looks sweet!  And I know you worked hard on your gif picture, but it really takes away from the build. It focuses attention on itself, rather than the text next to it.

Can't like your own build.

You can get the Ancient shrouded armour without doing the questline for the dark brotherhood, just go to where it is located behind that throne and use the wooden bowl glitch to go through the wall and pick up the armour :)

Alternately, activate Ritual Stone and get the assassin to follow you. Unless this no longer works, I haven't used it recently.

I've improved the build guys tell what you think!


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