This discussion is to help people gather fresh ideas and information for new builds, as well as to answer queries about anything regarding the Character Building group.

Feel free to ask questions!

  • Have a work in progress build that you'd like some feedback on? Post it in The Workshop. It is a group for builds and other content that are not yet complete, and the group regulars will be more than happy to offer any advice you might be looking for.
  • If you're after help with your build's roleplay, check out the Roleplaying Help Thread in the Roleplaying Group. The group is frequented regularly by the hosts and their fellow roleplayers, so your question will get an answer soon enough!
  • If you have some questions about game mechanics (such as how a certain glitch or exploit works, is this ability effected by that perk, etc.), then take a look at the Tips and Tricks group. The Questions/Requests Discussion is the best place for your query, and it should be answered fairly quickly by one of the regulars!
  • If you're looking for a cool armor combo for your character build, then check out Nelaf's Official Armor Combo Catalogue, which features screenshots of cool armor combos that different Skyrim Blog members have discovered.

This is NOT for asking what builds to play next, like 'What's a good thief build?' or 'Looking for a build that uses Dwarven Armor and Warhammers.' Those questions need to be asked in the Build Recommendations thread.

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Thanks to Charlie for suggesting this! Myself or Guy will continue to add content and links to this discussion for newcomers to the group...

This would be a good page to house perk calculators.

I may even add a link to deviantart for those who want to illustrate their builds! Hehe! (maybe not)

I has idea for good build. You make daedrick chef guy whose no good at the fight but likes the drinking mead. Any yous has idea what be doing I for make this build good?


Stack health and during combat repeatedly power attack while wielding a knife and fork. Make sure you have mead and cheese hotkeyed to refill stamina and health respectively.

For the Daedric element you could use the Sangiune Rose, which also fits in with the 'mead' element (Sangiune being the Daedric Prince of Debauchery) and the cheese as well, since you could be associated with Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of CHEESE!

Hope this helps

GREAT SUCCESS. I expect this up within the day Narmis

I don't just think this would be fun I think it would be hysterical.

Mason i have umbra finished now i have to finish my playthrough and add the perks i used at lvl 25 expecy it up within the week

Cool man! I look forward to seeing the finished product!

I was curious as to why I can no longer access the Umbra build. I had planned on making an Umbra character of my own and wanted to use yours as an idea. Do you happen to remember what skills the build had?

There was a big purge of the CB group some months back, it possibly got deleted. If it got removed then it must have been incomplete or not to scratch...

Aww thats too bad. I guess I'll just have to create my own then. Thanks for letting me know about the purge though.


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