Here in the Character Building Group we periodically hold a special event where builds are created around a specific theme. These specialised builds are stored here in their very own archive. Event builds use their own ranking system, separate from the regular character builds, which can be seen below.

Event Bloodworks (0-9 likes)

Event Recognized (10-24 likes)

Event Exemplar (25-39 likes)

Event Mythic (40-64 likes)

Event Legendary (65+ likes)

To learn more about the ranking system, click here. For more details on each event click on its image below or if you want to see each event's builds, click on the corresponding link.


For Resurrection the goal was to create a character build for legendary figures found in previous Elder Scrolls games or lore.

The group did amazingly well and the fruits of their labours can be found by clicking the link below.

Resurrection Builds


For Factions the goal was to create characters that were part of non-joinable factions in Skyrim and past Elder Scrolls games/lore. 

Like before, the group did great with this!  To view the contents this Event inspired, click on the link below!

Factions Builds


The goal of Classes revolved around and was about recreating past archetypes from previous games to bring into Skyrim.

Considering the challenge they had, that goal was achieved. You can see these gems by clicking on the link below.

Classes Builds


The goal of Celestials was to create builds that reflected their chosen Standing Stone's abilities. For example, a build that used the Ritual Stone should utilize necromancy.

As always, the group did a wonderful job. The results can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Celestials Builds


For Crossworlds participants created builds based off of characters from other fantasy universes, or even real life, but were not allowed to make any direct references to their inspiration.

The resulting builds are both interesting and creative, so click on the link below to check them out!

Crossworlds Builds


Compared to the other events we've done, Reviews was quite different in that it entailed reviewing builds (as the name implies) rather than creating them.

This event created some interesting discussions about the reviewed builds, so click on the link below to read about it!

Reviews Discussions


The goal of Evolution was to take basic character archetypes (warrior, thief, etc.) and "evolve" them through the use of glitches, mods, and exploits.

Like always, this event produced a crop of excellent builds. Click on the link below to see the results.

Evolution Builds


The concept behind Deities was to simply make builds that revolved around a particular god or pantheon.

To the surprise of no one, the event saw several great builds. Click on the link below to see them.

Deities Builds


For Teams, participants were allowed to make whatever they wanted to make, but had to do so with at least one other person.

While this event produced relatively few builds, all of them are worth a read. Click on the link below to check them out.

Teams Builds


After the success of the first Crossworlds the community voted to have be an annual event. This was the second time we ran it.

Like before, it was a success. You can see the resulting builds by clicking on the link below.

Crossworlds 2 Builds


For Artifacts participants had the option of either making a build revolving around an artifact found in Skyrim or recreating an artifact from another Elder Scrolls game.

Like many before it, the event was quite successful. You can see the resulting builds by clicking on the link below.

Artifacts Builds


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Replies to This Discussion

Maybe, I'd have to field test it...

Import-Skyrimize a character from another series.
Thalmor-Make a Thalmor Build
Fiction (Thank you Paul I believe), make a character based off a fiction book in game

I second the fiction vote

It ties back into resurrection a little too much guys...

Many story books in Skyrim are historical, the characters described actually existed and are now dead...

I think he meant like game of thrones, Harry potter, etc.

It was definitely meant in the way Bryn said it.

If it was reworded to be clearer, it'd be something like this:

"Theme: Fiction -- Make a character build based on a fiction book or character from such a book."

Also, hi, everybody. First post here.

Make another race or class or group into a class in skyrim when it was based in another piece or fiction: (must be in a medieval style fiction)
Non-joinable factions?


How many exist though? Non-joinable just in Skyrim or all ES games?

Hmm. I was thinking non-joinable throughout all of the TES games (or at least Morrowind through Skyrim, since Daggerfall had a ton of factions).

Here's a list of all the factions (some are joinable):

I can help you compile a list of the non-joinable factions list but I'm not sure how lenient you want to be (ie, the knightly orders in Daggerfall, etc).

Should we ban all joinable ones or just joinable ones in Skyrim? I think we should do the latter since that would open up the possibility of doing say, House Hlaalu even though it was a joinable faction in Morrowind.

It would definitely have to be all ES games, so much to choose from.

I think this is a really strong choice. Getting people to fully understand the theme could be hard though, steps would need to be taken to prevent it becoming a bunch of lore articles. Need to balance lore and gameplay...


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