The Daughter of Coldharbour

       "Among the night's children, a dread lord will rise. In an age of strife, when dragons return to the realm of men, darkness will mingle with light and the night and day will be as one."

       The Daughter of Coldharbour is a vampire-nightblade character build with strong lore connections into the ES world. She is an ancient apprentice of Mannimarco and thus she is a master necromancer. She makes extensive use of the Ritual Stone,Ahzidal's Ring of Necromancy and Dragonborn Flame to cast the ultimate necromantic abilities: instantly summon an army of spectral undead dragons while her enemies are blasted off by ice explosions. She is able to use her potent blood to heal and increase the health and stamina of her undead minions by using poisons with positive effects and she is able to teleport through the shadows from one place to another. 

Lore: The Tyranny of the Sun Prophecy and the Daughters of Coldharbour

       An ancient prophecy from the First Era foretells that among the night's children, a dread lord will rise. In an age of strife, when dragons return to the realm of men, darkness will mingle with light and the night and day will be as one. This prophecy requires a crucial ingredient: the blood of a Daughter of Coldharbour. The story of these pure blooded female vampires goes back to the First Era. During that time, in an act of defiance towards Arkay, Molag Bal raped a Nedic virgin by the name of Lamae Beolfag. As Bal profaned her body, her screams became the Shrieking Winds, which haunt certain winding fjords of Skyrim even now. The daedric prince shed a droplet of blood on her brow and left her to die. After the ordeal, she was reborn into undeath and came to be known as the first vampire or the Blood Matron. This developed into a tradition among Molag Bal worshipping cults which dictated that females be offered to him on his summoning day. The ones that survived the ritual emerged as pure blooded vampires known as Daughters of Coldharbour. Because of the strong connection between the Tyranny of the Sun prophecy and these female vampires, many scholars agree that this dreadlord is in fact a Daughter of Coldharbour...... Her name has been lost to the ages but stories tell she was last sighted in the Second Era. Starting with 2E 583, when Molag Bal tried to conquer Tamriel, she served as the secret apprentice of the necromancer Mannimarco. It is said that her necromancy skills and understanding of the dark arts were rivaled only by her master. When the daedric prince of rape was defeated, she went into hiding and was not seen ever since....until now! Deep within the tomb of Shriekwind Bastion she lies in slumber. She quietly awaits for her dark awakening, for the time of the Tyranny of the Sun prophecy is at hand.



      The Daughter of Coldharbour is a vampiric combination between a Nightblade and a Necromancer. She stays hidden in the shadows and snipes a few easy kills. Afterwards, she raises the dead and buffs them via Illusion spells or by striking them with a dagger coated in poisons with positive effects, all while remaining undetected. Yes, you've read correctly. If you hit an npc, not immune to poisons, with anything coated in poisons with positive effects like healing or health boost, those effects will apply on the npc. This applies to any undead raised minion or thrall that when "alive" was not immune to poisons. This means you can heal, boost health, stamina and magicka of your undead minions by striking them with poisons with positive effects. Couple this with some Illusion Courage spells and the Ritual Stone, and you have an army of undead tankish killing machines! If the Daughter of Coldharbour is detected she can either Shadowstep and reposition herself or keep her foes away from her with slow and paralysis poisons. When it comes to battling bosses, she can easily use one of her ultimate necromantic abilities, Corpse Nova or Dark Exorcism to finish them off. If you feel like commanding an army of undead minions that can cause ice explosions or have your foes attacked by undead spectral dragon wyrms, you are going to love the Daughter of Coldharbour! 

Archery: Archery is used in combination with Sneak to provide the Daughter of Coldharbour what she needs most on the battlefield: fresh corpses to raise and command into undeath. It plays an important role in her defenses: Steady Hand, Quick Sht and Ranger make her really hard to be hit while Power Shot and Bullseye help with keeping the wrethced Dawnguard far from her.

Sneak: Staying true to the vampire archetype, the Daughter of Coldharbour uses the shadows to mask her movements and wreak havoc on unsuspecting prey. She is able to bend the cover of darkness to her own will. This is known as Shadowstepping, a power only a few ancient pure blooded vampires are capable of. By stepping into the shadows, she can dissapear from one place and appear at another. This makes her incredibly elusive even in the midst of battle. She can quickly escape a sticky situation and run away or reposition herself for a nice sniper shot.

Conjuration: Necromancy - The rotten core of this build. The Daughter of Coldharbur uses necromancy spells and pushes the Ritual Stone to its limits to amass an army of undead under her command. She has been schooled by many powerful masters in this dark art: Durnehviir, Mannimarco and the Father of Vampirism himself, Molag Bal. As such, she is able to raise the dead, empower them, cause them to explode into ice shards and sacrifice their souls in exchange for summoning spectral Fire Wyrms under her command. Very Important: Do not perk Dark Souls. It will bug Ahzidal's Ring of Necromancy and undead minions will no longer explode when hit!

Alchemy: The Daughter of Coldharbour uses arrows laced in poison to slow and paralyse her prey. When it comes to her fire weakness, she uses potions that increase resistance to this element. The lore states that Lamae Beolfag came to be the first vampire and Daughter of Coldharbour after Molag Bal raped her to death and shed a droplet of blood on her brow. With this in mind, I've thought: What if the Daughter of Coldharbour would use her own blood to make both her undead minions and vampire thralls stronger - restore their health & stamina and fortify their healthpool. This is how i created the Blood of the Ancients, a poison with positive effects that when applied with a dagger on others restores health, stamina and fortifies their healthpool.

Illusion: The Daughter of Coldharbour uses frenzy, fear to control her opponents on the battlefield and rally, courage, call to arms to buff her undead minions and thralls. I bet everyone enjoys hold guards running away in fear while an undead army hunts them down.

Vampirism: As a Daughter of Coldharbour she is one of the most powerful vampires in existance. Her ancient pure blood permits her to feed on the very soul essences of man, mer and even dragons. As a result, she has perverted the Nord arts and traditions, the Thu'um into incantations called Shrieks. This form of magic works the same way as a Thu'um but its effects involve tearing souls apart, summoning undead dragons, weakening the life energies in mortals and bending the will of those who oppose her: Soul Tear , Call Durnehviir , Drain Vitality , Bend Will and for the abilities: Whirlwind Sprint , Unrelenting Force , Fire Breath.

- Point Blank Shot: The Demonhunters never stood a chance! -

Other Information:

Race: Any ( Female ). If you want to remain true to the essence of the build, an all-powerful pure vampire created by Molag Bal himslef, the character must be a female!

Stone: The Ritual Stone;

Stats Distribution: 2 Magicka / 1 Health / 2 Stamina every 5 levels;

Equipment:  The Dark Ranger

       Morag Tong Armor, Thalmor Gloves, Vampire Boots, Dark Brotherhood Hood, Ebony Bow / Dwarven Black Bow of Fate / Daedric Bow / Auri-El's Bow.

Potions and Poisons:


Ingredients: Bleeding Crown, Death Bell, River Betty;

Effects: Slow speed by 50% for 99 seconds, 99 Poison damage, 40% Weakness to Poison for 30 seconds;

Description: Vigorbane is a good way of killing anything before it gets close to you. The last effect, weakness to poison is great in case you want to amplify the effects of Reaper.

Blood of the Ancients

Ingredients: Blue Mountain Flower, Nightshade, Wheat;

Effects: Decrease Magicka Regeneration by 100% for 99 seconds, +63 Health for 60 seconds, Restore 99 Health points;

Description: This poison can be used to heal undead minions or dead thralls due to the Daughter of Coldharbour's lack of healing spells. Simply apply the poison on a dagger and double hit your thrall with it resulting in a massive 198 hit points heal.

Potent Blood of the Ancients

Ingredients: Bear Claws, Blue Mountain Flower, Eye of the Sabre Cat;

Effects: Decrease Magicka Regeneration by 100% for 99 seconds, +63 Health for 60 seconds, Restore 99 Health points, Restore 99 Stamina Points;

Description: A more powerful version of the Blood of the Ancients with harder to find ingredients. This is best used for the Vampire's Thrall Ability.

Banshee's Tears

Ingredients: Human Flesh, Imp Stool, Orange Dartwing;

Effects: Paralysis for 20 seconds, 20 Poison Damage for 10 seconds, 40 Poison Damage;

Description:  This is a great poison for those situations when you need to get out of a fight fast and it's also a good finisher.

Corpse Mark

Ingredients: Abecean Longfin, Ice Wraith Teeth, Juniper Berries;

Effects: 59% Weakness to Fire and Frost;

Description: This poison is used to amplify the elemental damage from the Corpse Nova and Alok-Dilon: Dark Exorcism Abilities.

Elemental Protection

Ingredients: Snowberries, Dragon's Tongue, Swamp Fungal Pod;

Effects: 45% Resistance to Fire and Shock;

Description: A potion used to counteract the vampire's natural weakness to fire while giving an edge over Lightning Mages.

Important Note**: All potion and poison values have been obtained using the above mentioned perks and wearing the following items: Ring of Pure Mixtures, Krosis and a 15% Fortify Alchemy Necklace bought from the Radiant Rainment in Solitude.



Requires: Quiet Casting, Whirlwind Sprint, Shadow Warrior, Silent Roll;

Description: In the middle of a fight, the Daughter of Coldharbour can quickly retreat into the shadows and reappear at another location avoiding the sight of her opponents. Simply crouch and use Whirlwind Sprint. The Shadow Warrior will make the enemy search for someone else to attack while Quiet Casting silences the shout. After using Whirlwind Sprint, immediatly use Silent Roll to avoid the danger of being detected. This ability is of great use if you need to get out of a losing fight, or you simply want to make a tactical repositioning.

Vampire's Thrall

Requires: Concentrated Poison, Potent Blood of the Ancients poison, Rally, Bend Will;

Description: The Daughter of Coldharbour forcefuly infects her opponent with her blood. This causes it to be healed of any past injuries, become stronger and go on a rampage under the command of his new dark mistress. Cast a Rally spell on your opponent and double hit him with a dagger laced in the Potent Blood of the Ancients poison. After that make him fight for you for 30 seconds using Bend Will.

Corpse Nova

Requires: Corpse Mark poison, Staff of Paralysis ( one is found in Snapleg Cave ), Ahzidal's Ring of Necromancy, the Ritual Stone, Unrelenting Force; 

Description: A necromantic ability learned from the King of Worms himself: The Daughter of Coldharbour can amass an army of undead followers and trigger them to explode using one of her Shrieks. Having a lot of corpses around her, the Daughter of Coldharbour equips Ahzidal's Ring of Necromancy, poisons her prey with Corpse Mark, activates the Ritual Stone and paralyzes her prey. As the small undead army slowly approaches the target, she uses Unrelenting Force to push the undead timebombs towards the prey and trigger the numerous corpse explosions. The more the better! What is awesome about this combo is that ritual stone raised corpses can be re-used meaning more separate explosions!

Alok-Dilon: Dark Exorcism

Requires: Corpse Mark poison, Staff of Paralysis ( one is found in Snapleg Cave ), Ahzidal's Ring of Necromancy, the Ritual Stone, Fire Breath, Dragonborn Flame;

Description: The awesome evolution of Corpse Nova. With Durnehviir's help, the Daughter of Coldharbour has learned how to exorcise the souls of her undead minions and offer them as sacrifices to the Ideal Masters in exchange for undead spectral Fire Wyrms under her command. For each sacrificed soul, a Wyrm is offered. Used on great numbers of undead, this necromantic ability is probably one of the most powerful in existance. Having a lot of corpses around, equip Ahzidal's Ring of Necromancy, poison your opponent with Corpse Mark, activate the Ritual Stone and use the Staff of Paralysis. As the small undead army approaches your foe, use Fire Breath on your minions, causing them all to explode and from their ashes to emerge Fire Wyrms that will protect you. This ability is best used for the most tough bosses in the game. If they don't die from the frost explosions, they need to worry about an entire army of fire breathing undead dragons! 

- Behold the catastrophic power of Corpse Nova! -

Closing note: I wish to thank everyone for their support. Full credit for the first image is given to Velothii on at

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