So after the relative success of my first build, I wanted to post a build that includes my certain fondness for the Vigilantes of Stendarr.  Hopefully, it’s just as good or better than my first build.

The Outcast Vigilant of Stendarr

At an Inn in the cold land of Skyrim, two Vigilants of Stendarr sat and tried to warm themselves by the fire. The inn was quiet, so the Vigilants could hear the conversation between two men seated across the way.

“Mighty fine shield you have there, appears a sort of Dwarven make.” A gruff Nord comments.

“Yes indeed, this is a special shield my friend. It goes by the name Spellbreaker.” a mysterious man replied. To this, the Vigilants looked at each other with an expression of surprise.

“Spellbreaker eh? Where did you get a shield like that?”

“Let us just say an old enemy, who is very sick.”

“Well, a shame he had to lose such a fine thing. And that sword?”

“Ah, now that was a prize from a particularly fiery maiden.”

Hearing enough to know where these possessions came from, the two Vigilants stood and made their way to the mysterious man.

“Sir, we demand you forfeit those Daedric artifacts.”

The man turned and smiled “My former Shield-brothers, I mean you no harm. These weapons will not be used to harm the innocents of Tamriel. Relax, and go back to your drinks.”

“It doesn’t matter, those are evil devices. Last chance, surrender or die.”

The man silently nodded “Very well gentlemen, I will do what I must then.” He stood, raised a shield that gave off a strong ward, and unsheathed a blade that shone like the morning sun.

The man blocked one blow with his shield and attacked the other with his blade. The Vigilant fell to the ground and burned as if he been put on fire. The second Vigilant was quickly killed as the first struggled to his knees. He looked at the man and asked “Who are you?”

“I am Sergius, former Vigilant, but forever servant of my Lord Stendarr.” With that, he plunged his blade into the Vigilant. Sergius sheathed his sword and uttered “May Stendarr have mercy on you, for I have none.”


The Build

Be kind and generous to the people of Tamriel. Protect the weak, heal the sick and give to the needy.


 This character believes that he is the one destined to save Tamriel from the darkness and that his former Vigils comrades were weak-minded and ignorant for not agreeing to his plan. His plan was to use Daedric artifact against the Daedric lords and their followers. In his studies, he came across a book about the Ayleids, Elves who worshipped the Aedra, but collaborated with the Daedra, which put the thought into his head. His fellow Vigils claimed that men would become corrupt due to the artifact’s power, but he argued that as a group, they could keep each other in check and resist the temptation and lust of power. After his excommunication from the Vigils, he left his homeland of Cyrodiil to Skyrim, where rumors had it that the three Daedric Artifacts he was seeking could be found there. He chose these three because now as a single man, with only his Lord Stendarr to rely on, he needed to stay away from the eviler Daedra and seek help from the “good” Daedra.


            Using sword, shield and magic, he is determined to become the savior of the land, and bring the end to the dark influences on the people of Tamriel. 

Race: Imperial


Recommended Quest: Main Quest, Civil war (Imperial), Dawnguard, Unfathomable Depth, Destroy the Dark Brotherhood and any other quest that help people and/or destroy evil


Standing Stone: Lord Stone


Shouts: Fire Breath, Dragon Aspect and Unrelenting force


Stat Spread: Magicka 1, Health 2, Stamina 1

Daedric Artifacts


Dawnbreaker: To the naive, they would find it hard to believe that this weapon is the artifact of a Deadra Lord. But Meridia is usually considered to be benevolent, and not wholly evil, as she has a hatred for the undead, so accepting her gift does not hurt those of Tamriel. Well, the innocents of Tamriel at least. This character needs this sword


Spellbreaker: Peryite is among one of the truly evil Daedra, so you might wonder why accepting his artifact is acceptable. Honestly, acquiring Spellbreaker hinders Peryite more than it helps him, as you destroy an entire order of his infected followers. Also, the Spellbreaker itself does no actual harm to anyone and is vey useful for defense against both physical and magical attacks. Just be sure to kill all the infected, show no respect to Peryite, and kill Kesh after receiving Spellbreaker


Azura’s Star: Azura is known as one of the more merciful lords and one of the “good” Daedra. Azura’s Star is for keeping Dawnbreaker fully charged. Do not transform Azura’s Star to the Black Star, as using human souls is too evil for this character, as using even the most horrible person’s soul as an object is contrary to Stendarr




Major Skills:

One-handed: Dawnbreaker is your Daedric turned divine weapon, meant to punish the undead and lawless in Tamriel.

Block: With Spellbreaker, your main defense against both physical and magical attacks, as you hardly wear any armor.

Destruction: This increases the fire damage of your main weapon Dawnbreaker, and provides an option for distance attacks to begin each battle and early magical attacks against the undead.

Restoration: Heals your wounds and with Dawnguard, provides a magical edge against undead enemies. Plus, any devote follower of Stendarr would most definitely want to use Standarr’s Aura.


Minor Skills:

Smithing: Allows for smithing weapons and armors up as much as possible, as well as an early acquisition for the needed armor.

Enchanting: Increases your potential as well as provides a slightly more recharge for every soul gem used.

Heavy Armor: Increases the armor rating for your gauntlets, boots and shield. Only juggernaut is useful.

Perk Spread


Level 25


One-Handed; Armsman 3/5, Fighting Stance, Savage Strike

Block; Shield Wall 3/5, Quick Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection

Destruction; Novice-Apprentice, Augmented Flames 1/2

Restoration; Novice, Recovery ½, Ward Absorb

Smithing; Steel, Dwarven

Enchanting; Enchanter1/5, Soul Squeezer

Heavy Armor; Juggernaut 3/5


Level 50


One-Handed; Armsman 5/5, Fighting Stance, Savage Strike, Bladesman 3/3

Block; Shield Wall 5/5, Quick Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection, Block Runner

Destruction; Novice-Expert, Augmented Flames 2/2

Restoration; Novice-Adept, Recovery 2/2, Ward Absorb, Respite, Regeneration, Necromage

Smithing; Steel, Dwarven, Enchanted

Enchanting; Enchanter5/5, Soul Squeezer, Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter

Heavy Armor; Juggernaut 4/5



Head: Adept Hood

Body: Adept Robe of Destruction

Hands: Dwarven Gauntlets of Fortify Block & Spellbreaker

Feet: Dwarven Boots of Fortify One-Handed

Jewelry: Amulet of Stendarr

Primary Weapon: Dawnbreaker

Secondary Weapon: Dwarven Sword

Miscellaneous Equipment: Azura’s Star 


 This Character is a devote follower of Stendarr, and is somewhat arrogant, as he sees himself as the righteous right hand of Stendarr. After finding out he is Dragonborn, this only encourages him. If you should come across any Vigils that demand you give up your artifacts, deny them the right of disarming you, despite the fact that they are fighting for the same cause.

 Fight for the Empire during the civil war. Stendarr is the Patron of the Imperial Legion, so it’s only fitting. Wear the armor of the Legate for the entire war, until its completion. This is also a good way to improve your heavy armor skill and blocking. Alduin, vampires, bandits and any Daedra you come across must be destroyed. And obviously we must make an exception for Serana, but convince her to cure herself of vampirism.  On the subject of Serana, use your Dwarven Sword during the time she is with you. Return the Lexicon to Avanchnzel to obtain the Ancient Knowledge, which will give you a 25% bonus while wearing Dwarven armor.

 Fire spells are your range weapon; use them before an enemy can reach you. Flame cloaks are an excellent supplement to close combat. Restoration is used to heal after every battle, to heal any you come across, and to bring those undead into the light. As I mentioned several times, Dawnbreaker and Spellbreaker are both important parts of this character, Dawnbreaker as a powerful weapon against the undead and Spellbreaker to give an added defense and negate most magical attacks. As I said before, do not transform Azura’s Star to the Black Star, but feel free to use any filled black soul gems you happen to come across. Use robes and armor as a remembrance of your time as a vigil, as well to signify you are still a holy warrior.

 On a quick note, do not buy a horse and don’t buy any other home besides Breezehome. Despite all his power, he is still a monk, so behave as one. This also includes not getting married or adopting children and sharing whatever septims you have.

 With the power of Stendarr, dragon blood and Daedric weapons, nothing can stop you from becoming the legend you are destined to be.

Again, I need to thank Samjt for his help.  It was his idea to use Dwarven Armor with Adept Robes. He’s been a great help for discussing ideas with. Many thanks Samjt! And a shout-out to Zimbu for the great screenshots he made. Seriously, the dude is awesome.

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It's an entertaining build, and I'm giving it my +1 on that basis, but I honestly almost didn't read it, because the errors in the opening are so distracting. You really need to clean up the grammar. "Vigil" (refers to the organization), "Vigilant" (refers to the members), and "Vigilante" (refers to something else entirely) are not interchangeable, but you use them interchangeably. You mix past and present tense, sometimes in the same sentences. Four sentences are missing punctuation. You have a subject / verb agreement issue ("he stroke"). It's obvious you put a lot of love and thought into this build, but the presentation of the teaser comes across as sloppy.

Thanks for the +1 despite the mistakes. I didn't know about the "Vigil" and "Vigilant" difference, and put "Vigilantes" because whenever I left out the e, it said I made a spelling error. I tried to fix everything else you mentioned, but I more than likely left something out. Sorry about the mistakes, I'm not purposely sloppy, just an idiot.

It's alright, I just think your build would get more attention if it looked a little tighter. It's a really cool idea. I'll probably try it eventually, although I just finished a Daedric melee build so I'm moving on to another play style for now.

Spell check is the most insidious invention in the history of humanity, if you ask me. It's brainwashed us all into thinking it's authoritative. It makes people worse writers, not better.

I absolutely love your outcast's introduction narrative! It was a very entertaining read!

The aesthetics and dynamics of the build feel so natural; so complete! Whether or not it is a unique build, there's no denying that the character has depth.

He's like the Jack Bauer of the Vigilants of Stendarr; the only one who is willing to do what is necessary to get results. Despite using Daedric Artifacts, he looks pure as a hero. But he is still conflicted by his compromises. Without strong virtue, he risks being twisted and corrupted by the powers that he had claimed.

This deserves way more likes!


Wow, thanks for that compliment! That is probably one of the best descriptions I have heard.

Nice little twist on the Vigilant concept. I love the inclusion of Dawnbreaker and Spellbreaker, and the armor combo looks pretty good too. Great work on this one. 

Great build! I am currently using it as a bases for my most recent play through. I had my current character follow a more pure Vigilant of Stendarr role at the beginning and then when his comrades were killed and home was destroyed by the Vampires he went on a massive vampire killing spree and took on a more "whatever it takes" attitude. He then went on a pilgrimage to find Dawnbreaker and Spellbreaker to aid him on his quest to cleans Skyrim of vampires and all other corruption and evil.   

I know it's an old build, but it could be cool to add suggested mods to the build. I am currently using the "Nordic Spellweaver Armor" which gives the same look as the college robes but with more plate armor. Are there any you would add? What about quest mods you know of that would fit this build. 

Thanks again love the build!


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