The Cthulhu had always interested me since I found out about them. I was searching for some Elder Scrolls sea monsters and came across a link to this beast. I thought this was an awesome idea for a character build in Skyrim and a fun play through. So without further ado I present

The Cthulhu

 The Legend

Deep beneath the Oceans of Tamriel and all of it's neighbors, lies a being of unimaginable power. He has laid beneath the seas waters for years and will continue to do so until a certain night falls and he awakens. This being called the Cthulhu is part, octopus, dragon and a human-like (anthropomorphic) creature. The Cthulhu once ruled Tamriel, but was one day driven our by his own slaves who rebelled against him. He was forced back in to the sea wounded because his true power wasn't ready to protect him. Now though his power has awakened and after he finally awakens from his eternal like slumber, he is ready to take control of Tamriel again. 
The legends have long since foretold of his return, but has almost been forever lost in history. Only a few know that on the day the Dragons return, The Cthulhu will rise and Tamriel shall be doomed into a world of tyrant leadership.

The Build

Race: Argonian- Argonians attack with claws, get an unarmed bonus, can breath underwater and are awesome, all the requirements for the Cthulhu.

Stone: Apprentice- Its highly recommended not to take it right away as your ass will be owned by even weak mages.

Major Skills: Destruction, Illusion, Enchanting

Minor Skills: Restoration, Heavy Armor

Equipment Spread

Followers and Equipment:

1. Borgakh the Steel Heart/Ogol

Orchish Helmet - Fortify Archery, Waterbreathing
Orcish Armor - Fortify Health, Fortify Heavy Armor
Orcish Gauntlets - Fortify Heavy Armor
Orcish Boots - Resist Magic, Resist Fire/Frost/Shock
Orchish Sword - Elemental Damages
Orcish Bow - Elemental Damages

2. J'zargo

Heavy Falmer Helmet - Fortify Magicka, Waterbreathing
Heavy Falmer Armor - Fortify Health, Fortify Heavy Armor
Heavy Falmer Gauntlets - Fortify Magicka, Fortify Heavy Armor
Heavy Falmer Boots - Resist Magic, Resist Fire/Frost/Shock
Falmer Sword - Elemental Damages

3. Serana 

Glass Helmet - Fortify Magicka, Waterbreathing
Glass Armor - Fortify Health
Glass Gauntlets - Fortify Magicka
Glass Boots - Resist Magic, Resist Fire/Frost/Shock
Glass Sword - Elemental Damages

4. Derkeethus

Glass Helmet - Fortify Archery, Waterbreathing
Glass Armor - Fortify Health, Fortify Stamina
Glass Gauntlets - Fortify Light Armor
Glass Boots - Fortify Stamina, Resist Magic
Glass Sword - Elemental Damages
Glass Bow - Elemental Damages

Essential Quest: Main Quest, Dawngaurd (Vampires), Orc Strongholds, Darkwater Pass, Destroy the Dark brotherhood and  the College of Winterhold

Shouts: Slow Time, Whirlwind Sprint, Aura Whisper, Dismay, Ice form, Frost Breath


The Cthulhu has returned to Tamriel ready to exact revenge and take rule once again. His allies are non other than the Orcs, wizards, and Argonians  The Orcs are the Cthulhu's strength in battle and the college of Winterhold has plenty of allies for him in exchange for his help. Don't forget the Argonians. The Argonians are his soldiers by sea. Since the Orcs aren't the smartest, it was easy to get them under his control. The College of Winterhold could care less who rules Tamriel as long as they are left alone so that's another easy alliance. Not all Argonians accepted him though. Only the ones that know of his legend become allies (Derkeethus). His enemies are pretty much just about all the Elf's and Humans races that drove him out of power.


Why Vampirism? Its not because the Cthulhu is a vampire, but more because of the power it offers. A weakness to fire proves how much the Cthulhu has spent in the water losing his immunity to it. The boost in Illusion takes the Cthulhu to the true rank of "The Master of The Mind". Vampire Sight shows just how long he spent in the dark deep waters and increased his vision to see in the dark. Vampire Lord might be an option. The Vampire Lord is the Cthulhu's land walker form and creates an appearance of him with his wings.

To become a Vampire at low levels

Level 50 Perk Spread

Stat Spread 2/1/0 in Magicka/Health/Stamina

Heavy Armor- Our protective shell of armor and also increases our claws damage output.

Destruction- Used not only for ranged combat, but also as a helpful boost in close range.

Illusion- We can control the minds of all and any.

Restoration- Our main healing besides Histskin and boost because of Necromage. The apprentice restoration spell seems enough and is low on magicka cost.

Enchanting- Used to unleash the true power of the Cthulhu.

Special Moves

The Ice Burial

The Cthulhu's special technique. He creates an enormous whirlwind of ice, freezing enemies to the bone and entombing them in ice. The enemies die slowly and if they manage to get up the Hypothermia will paralyze them and finally kill them. In exchange for such a powerful technique the Cthulhu must offer some of his own health that may easily be recovered during or after this attack.

Requires: Ice Form + Blizzard + Deep Freeze

The Land Walker

The Cthulhu is weaker, smaller, wingless on land then he is on water. After his unleashed power he is now able to transform into a powerful land walking form. His flesh hardens, his muscles tighten, his claws sharpen and his wings emerge, not disappearing until he leaves this form.

Requires: Vampire Lord + Melee form

The Water Dweller

The Cthulhu has spent years dwelling deep in the abyss of the sea. All that time spent down there has improved the Cthulhu's vision in the dark, but on the negative side has also made him weaker against fire magic/any light magic and improved his frost resistance.

Requires: Vampirism, Night Vision

The Master Mind

They say that looking into the eyes of this beast will drive you mad and it actually is true. Lock eyes with your opponent(s) in combat and just the stare will drive them insane. They will run and cower at your command and you will make them run and cower even slower as you bend time around them. They will have to suffer all that you deal to them without.barely moving.

Requires: Fear Spell, Slow Time, Frost Cloak, Dual Cast Destruction

Role Playing

Join all of the Orc Strongholds and make them your allies

Allie yourself with the wizards at the College

Only use Vampire Lord in melee form

Weakness to fire and vampire sight show how much time he spent in the waters

Kill hostiles/non loyal

Ignore the Civil War, let them kill each other. It will be easier to take rule then 

Be surprised on how much everything has changed

Explore Dwarven ruins because you remember they were there before

Have either an Orc or Derkeethus as a follower

Use Whirlwind Sprint like your wings

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What the fuck!!

This is really cool! I love the mind flayer look, and you went bonkers on illusion sealing the deal for me!

Very interesting unarmed build!

Extremely creative it + 1

+1 This looks awesome! But, since PS3 users have no Dawnguard would it work to use the Falmer Armor?

Of course the Falmer Armor works, It was my early game set I acquired at level 6 in mzinchaleft. Christopher who tested it out on PS3 said it worked fine.

At lvl 6? Is that possible?

It is but it takes work and lowering the difficulty  (Not Hardcore)

Sounds cool! I look forward to this weekend 

Since you told me you haven't started yet I though I'd tell you something. If you do get the Falmer Armor at Mzinchaleft make sure to bring lockpicks as its behind a expert door.

This video should help:

This build will rise quickly to higher levels. Great RP, unique playstyle. The fight style still needs some polishing, but the mixture between illusion, destruction and unarmed offers a new world of possibilities: you may want to to explore something new, as mixing fire cloaks, unarmed damage and aspect of the terror, (though maybe firepower does not agree with the character). Anyway, great potential.

I know what you mean Ricardo. I used frost cloaks for this build and it was great. Slowing down enemies and throwing some fear spells in there gives you the upper hand. And when I fight Giants with ice magic for some reason they take forever to move just a few feet. If I get the time I'll upload a video showing the fighting style.

Wonderful, a tribute to HP Lovecraft...if only it had some basis in Tameriel Lore too.  Wait a minute it does.  Back in Oblivion a young argonian lass (Dar-Mar) was kidnapped by the people of Hackdirt (with mention of creatures known as the deep ones) (Shadow over Hackdirt) - this Easter Egg closely parallels HP Lovecraft's Shadow Over Innsmouth.

Shannon will either love or hate this, shes a huge Lovecraft fan and will either view this as paying homage or a bastardization ; ) For your sake I hope its the former.

When you wrote that blog on Cthulhu, never did it once cross my mind you would try to create a playable character. What you've down here is about as close as anyone could have to make him a feasible play-style. One question: What do you think is unique to this build that isn't found on any-other?


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