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This is a place where people can ask for suggestions of new builds to play - hopefully it'll spread awareness of some which have got lost under the weight of numbers, and save us from having to rifle through everything when looking for a new character.

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- "I'm getting bored of playing stealth characters. What's a good build for getting right in the thick of melee combat without dying in two hits?"

- "Mason's Bronze Sentinel build is great if you want to live forever! The fire magic adds a nice twist too, so you won't get bored of hitting things with your sword either. I just bought a new kitten, so I'm totally into Khajiit right now. Know any good catman builds?"

- "Try No Snakes aLive's Manticore or Grixis' Flame of Magrus. They have a nice mix of warrior and mage aspects to keep things interesting. Do you know any good alchemy builds?"


Please don't jump right into suggesting people try your build. This is intended as a community thing to help each other out, not for us to get attention for ourselves. ;) But by all means link something of yours if it really is the best fit for what somebody has asked! If you really enjoy a build that's been recommended to you, be sure to give it a 'like'. 

Also, a few of our members are no longer with us, and their builds posted elsewhere. If you came in here trying to figure out where their builds are, Narm's builds can be found here, Skalvar's builds can be found here, and Jo'daro's builds can be found here.

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Hello dear friends, i've just downloaded the special edition of Skyrim and would like to start with a fresh build : the build i am aiming to play would, in a perfect world, gather these specific skills/shouts :

Alteration, for the paralysis spell

Alchemy (mainly for poisons) i find this skill really boring to level up though and a bit gamebreaking, i haven't found a way to level up this skill without grinding mindlessly. I hate having to collect every single plant that i run through, i wish a mod could fix that.

One Handed

Destruction (frost spell for the paralysis aspect that goes well with other skills)


Optionnal skills : Enchanting or Smithing, Sneak, Illusion (only for quiet casting and muffle spell, no calm/frenzy/fear spells), Conjuration (Only necromancy, it goes well with frost oriented characters)

Shouts : Slow time, Become Ethereal, Frost Breath

Vampirism could be nice.

I love badass/evil characters with an immersive background.

If i had to summarise, i am looking to play an evil character (vampire?), who uses both physical and magic damage, and is master of paralysis through poisons/alteration/frost. 

Have a nice day, feel free to link me any build that you think could make it !

Julia, Have you checked out Henson's Khulari build?  That kind of sounds exactly like what you're looking for.  It's a redguard vampire who uses alchemy, destruction, and alteration/enchanting for paralysis the entire game.  Also, for alchemy, if you have Hearthfire, find some salmon that are jumping up waterfalls (Like outside of whiterun), catch one, and it'll give you salmon roe.  If you go to Winstad Manor, you can create a fish hatchery.  Stick the salmon roe, and a histcarp in there, and when they spawn, use Fus on the salmon, drag them to shore, and collect them for the salmon roe.  Mix with histcarp for a potion that will easily level you up.


Thank you for the advice. Indeed this build seems to match my needs ! And yes, i do have the Hearthfire Addon, so i will try this trick with the fish hatchery. 

I have another question : is there a build that revolves around mythic dawn clothes? Like a shadowmage, or nightblade, or even blood mage. This set is just beautiful. 

Thank you and sorry for my poor english !

Again pointed at Henson, I'm pretty sure he has a build called The Mythic Dawn Agent.  Obviously, he wears mythic dawn robes.  Another one that has the robes (I believe) is Alastor's Transient Sorcerer.  Henson's build is an arcane assassin, and Alastor's build is a mage who uses only novice level spells to their greatest potential.  There should be a few more out there, but they don't come to mind.  Unless you want to try the Cryptsalker with those robes and go unarmored.

Thanks a lot ! I really want to play a character that feels good from the start.  I don't like builds that require too much grinding in terms of perks/crafting skills. The best builds are the ones that naturally evolve and gain strength through the leveling process. The transient sorcerer seems interesting since it uses mainly novice spells. In fact I really wanna play a build that uses magic. I realized that i didn't like pure stealth/sword and board character. Magic is the funniest tool in Skyrim, i love everythng about it. I've never tried illusion until now but i changed my mind and i could be tempted to give it a shot. I will take a look in the legendary section and try to find THE build ahah.

Good night !

I'm sure this has been asked before, but i have not been able to locate anything,

Is there any type of build / armor / mods that mirrors the D2 Nercromancer or enhances that playstyle without breaking Skyrim or Being OP?

Hi all, its been a while but I picked up skyrim again on my laptop.

I'm looking for a build based on real world history, but preferably not using DLC because I havent got that just yet (if needs be I have funds to buy it). I know its a vague request, but any ideas would be appreciated. If it helps narrow it down in kind of into the Turkic/Mongol thing or something based on South Asia.

Any ideas appreciated :^)


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