Read the Character Build Archive to find the most commonly sought out playstyles and builds.

This is meant as a place where people can ask for suggestions of new builds to play - hopefully it'll spread awareness of some which have got lost under the weight of numbers, and save us from having to rifle through everything when looking for a new character.

This is NOT for asking for help with your own builds. Please post in the Character Building Help Desk if you need such assistance.


- "I'm getting bored of playing stealth characters. What's a good build for getting right in the thick of melee combat without dying in two hits?"

- "Mason's Bronze Sentinel build is great if you want to live forever! The fire magic adds a nice twist too, so you won't get bored of hitting things with your sword either. I just bought a new kitten, so I'm totally into Khajiit right now. Know any good catman builds?"

-"Try No Snakes aLive's Manticore or Grixis' Flame of Magrus. They have a nice mix of warrior and mage aspects to keep things interesting. Do you know any good alchemy builds?"

I'd also ask that at least the first few comments contain a request, and not just a suggestion or a comment - it'll be better to get this started on the first page, rather than after a handful of "lolwutnoob what a stupid idea lol"/"Oh good golly gosh, I've been craving such a topic as this for days, thank you sir! #sarcasmbecauseIpostedthesamethingyesterday" style comments. Don't jump right into suggesting people try your build, either. This is intended as a community thing to help each other out, not for us to get attention for ourselves. ;) But by all means link something of yours if it really is the best fit for what somebody has asked!

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MAKING a build is the helpdesk's area. This is for pre-existing build recommendations.

I'm sorry what I meant was that I wanted to make a new character and is there a khajiit witch hunter on the site I could try. I can't edit the first comment so I will delete it and ask again. Is there a Khajiit witch hunter I could try?

Ah, now I understand! I'm not sure if there is or not. If not, you can always edit any witch hunter builds to use a Khajiit.

No Snakes aLive suggests using one for his Demonhunter build - in his words, "can't beat an armor-clad, hooded tiger". It has a whole lot in common with the witch hunter archetype. 

Hey Twisted, I found a Khajiit Witchhunter

Haha, I really like that one Matt, I may just have to try it.

Can anyone give me the top ten beast race builds
There's The Histmaster by Ponty, The Whet-Fang by myself, The Manticore by No snakes aLive, and The Shadowscale by me and No snakes aLive. All are Legendary builds. There are only the ones I know off the top of my head.

Personally i love the spearfisher build. ;)

Check Emer's page he has a list of great Argonian builds there 

That's more suited for the Helpdesk.

Try  this.


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