Use The Character Build Archives to find commonly sought out playstyles and builds.

This is a place where people can ask for suggestions of new builds to play - hopefully it'll spread awareness of some which have got lost under the weight of numbers, and save us from having to rifle through everything when looking for a new character.

This is NOT for asking for help with your own builds. Please post in the Character Building Help Desk if you need such assistance.


- "I'm getting bored of playing stealth characters. What's a good build for getting right in the thick of melee combat without dying in two hits?"

- "Mason's Bronze Sentinel build is great if you want to live forever! The fire magic adds a nice twist too, so you won't get bored of hitting things with your sword either. I just bought a new kitten, so I'm totally into Khajiit right now. Know any good catman builds?"

- "Try No Snakes aLive's Manticore or Grixis' Flame of Magrus. They have a nice mix of warrior and mage aspects to keep things interesting. Do you know any good alchemy builds?"


Please don't jump right into suggesting people try your build. This is intended as a community thing to help each other out, not for us to get attention for ourselves. ;) But by all means link something of yours if it really is the best fit for what somebody has asked! If you really enjoy a build that's been recommended to you, be sure to give it a 'like'. 

Also, a few of our members are no longer with us, and their builds posted elsewhere. If you came in here trying to figure out where their builds are, Narm's builds can be found here, Skalvar's builds can be found here, and Jo'daro's builds can be found here.

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MAKING a build is the helpdesk's area. This is for pre-existing build recommendations.

I'm sorry what I meant was that I wanted to make a new character and is there a khajiit witch hunter on the site I could try. I can't edit the first comment so I will delete it and ask again. Is there a Khajiit witch hunter I could try?

Ah, now I understand! I'm not sure if there is or not. If not, you can always edit any witch hunter builds to use a Khajiit.

No Snakes aLive suggests using one for his Demonhunter build - in his words, "can't beat an armor-clad, hooded tiger". It has a whole lot in common with the witch hunter archetype. 

Hey Twisted, I found a Khajiit Witchhunter

Haha, I really like that one Matt, I may just have to try it.

in terms of khajit witchhunter there is a crossbow-wielding "Van-hellsing" inspired build that uses a khajit and magic and ranged weapons. It's pretty cool.

Can anyone give me the top ten beast race builds
There's The Histmaster by Ponty, The Whet-Fang by myself, The Manticore by No snakes aLive, and The Shadowscale by me and No snakes aLive. All are Legendary builds. There are only the ones I know off the top of my head.

I have a question Argonians are my favorite race, and I want to make a build combing their Hist-skin racial ability with a focus on alchemy and jewelry-making (immersive jewelry is installed) He will not be combat specific, as I will have followers to aid me and I will mainly be focusing on alchemy, smithing, and enchanting. This build will also utilize SPERG. Any advice?

Personally i love the spearfisher build. ;)

Check Emer's page he has a list of great Argonian builds there 


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