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Hidden Builder Spotlight: Elysium

Welcome to our first edition of the Hidden Builder Spotlight! Every month or so the HGS team will be spotlighting some of the Skyrim Blog’s…

Started by ShinJinLatest Reply

Hidden Gem Nominations: The Alchemists

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Hidden Gem Spotlight Nominations—where you get to suggest which builds are worthy of getting a little…

Started by Dragonborn1421Latest Reply

Character Building Debate: Event Builds

Hello everyone and welcome to the first and hopefully only Character Building Debate! One week ago, Albino, ShinJin and I along with the…

Started by NoodlesLatest Reply

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Character Build: The Vancian Wizard

“The tomes which held Turjan’s sorcery lay on the long table of black steel or were thrust helter-skelter into shelves. These were volumes…

Started by Alastor

49 50 seconds ago
Reply by ShinJin

Event Build: Anathema

Pariah. Outcast. Anathema! Skyrim needs me whether its people care to admit it or not. Rangers here usually get a grudging respect, but fol…

Started by ShinJin

62 1 hour ago
Reply by Chris Diokno

Build Recommendations

Use The Character Build Archives to find commonly sought out playstyles and builds. This is meant as a place where people can ask for sugge…

Started by Otters

10085 2 hours ago
Reply by Wicked Conjurer

Character Build: The Prodigy

This build is something of a mashup between the Paladin, Arcane Bladesman and Nightingale Swordsman - 3 of my favorite builds. The result i…

Started by Ponty

102 3 hours ago
Reply by Kruziik Kriid

Character Building Help Desk

This discussion is to help people gather fresh ideas and information for new builds, as well as to answer queries about anything regarding…

Started by Mason

11006 4 hours ago
Reply by Wicked Conjurer

Character Build: The Regenerator

The trend in character builds nowadays is towards complexity. Be it through in-depth gameplay mechanics or intricate roleplay, builds have…

Started by Albino

72 5 hours ago
Reply by Albino

Character Build: The Imperial Paradigm

The Imperial Paradigm The Paradigm once belonged to the Knightly Order of the Dragon, a mysterious chivalric organisation originally form…

Started by Phil

108 5 hours ago
Reply by Borommakot

Character Build: The Ancient One

At night she dreamt of skies of black and fields of blood. The bodies of friends and of burning homes. Of arrows raining and of piercing w…

Started by Dragonborn1421

24 6 hours ago
Reply by Karver

Character Build: The Wraith Ranger

When a hero has fallen down the dark path, there are two ways he may choose. He either embraces the darkness he faces and becomes the ultim…

Started by David Okine

93 7 hours ago
Reply by Bryn

Character Build: Oblivion Walker

The Oblivion Walker The Oblivion Walker is a master of conjuration who uses both bound weapons and summoned creatures to wreak havok on her…

Started by J.R.

64 9 hours ago
Reply by J.R.


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Character Build: The Vancian Wizard

Started by Alastor. Last reply by ShinJin 50 seconds ago. 49 Replies

Character Build: The Mesmer

Started by Nevik Drakel. Last reply by Nevik Drakel 11 hours ago. 26 Replies

Character Build: Concubine of Hircine

Started by AgentFireBird. Last reply by AgentFireBird yesterday. 16 Replies

Hidden Builder Spotlight: Elysium

Started by ShinJin. Last reply by Alastor 17 hours ago. 36 Replies

Character Build: Ra's al Ghul

Started by Fil. Last reply by The Master Wolf on Friday. 9 Replies

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