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Character Build: The Transient Sorcerer

I've always thought The Elder Scrolls series had a strange take on the sorcerer class, one that always seemed to change between games. In…

Started by Alastor

146 1 minute ago
Reply by Alastor

Character Build : The Nord Warlord

  The Nord Warlord This is an alternative to the Orc Stormlord build I already posted. Main differences are ice magic instead of lighting,…

Started by JoDK

22 23 minutes ago
Reply by ShyGuyWolf

Event Build: Arcane Bulwark

Hello every one, for the Celestial event I embraced the power of the Atronach stone in developing this character. So that you would underst…

Started by Golden Fool

2 40 minutes ago
Reply by Golden Fool

Event Build: Anathema

Pariah. Outcast. Anathema! Skyrim needs me whether its people care to admit it or not. Rangers here usually get a grudging respect, but fol…

Started by ShinJin

5 50 minutes ago
Reply by ShinJin

Event Build: The Poisoner

When someone brings up the subject of poison in Skyrim, they’re usually talking about the harmful concoctions that you can make via Alchemy…

Started by Albino

2 53 minutes ago
Reply by Albino

Character Build: Tsaesci Yni'ka Paal

                                               Tsaesci Yni'ka Paal "The Tsaesci are called devious, as they are not bound by honor or merc…

Started by Emer Dareloth

178 1 hour ago
Reply by Connor

Character Building Help Desk

This discussion is to help people gather fresh ideas and information for new builds. Perks, skills, equipment, racial choices, abilities a…

Started by Mason

10069 2 hours ago
Reply by Ronald Lake

Event Build: The Order of The Dragon

Well, with very little info on this amazing group, sans that they were formed by Tiber Septim, and you could only be inducted by the Empero…

Started by Chris Diokno

17 2 hours ago
Reply by Nekros The Shadow

(How not to make a) character build: paladin of molag bal

Hello folks, Ponty here. Everything past this dashed line below is a work of pure satire - this is an example of what NOT to do in a build.…

Started by Ponty

282 3 hours ago
Reply by Nekros The Shadow

Character Build: The Librarian

The Librarian is the Psyker of the imperial empire, trained as both a warrior and a mage. They are said to be able to bend the powers of th…

Started by Tyler

5 5 hours ago
Reply by Matt


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