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Hello all, and welcome to the Live Roleplaying Group! Here we roleplay in various locations all across Tamriel. For more information, feel free to join us in chat!

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  • Does anyone know a way to use the chat functions here on an android tablet? I'd like to join you, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be very active if I could only use my pc...
  • I will be running a quest tonight (08/14/14) at 10:30 EST. Be sure to be here, and be prepared!
  • There will be an Event tonight (08/09/14) at 10:30 EST! Money can be earned!
  • Hello all! There will be a quest tomorrow at 9pm EST! Make sure to come along and have fun!
  • Remember - knowing your combat stats in advance speeds things up a lot! If you have trouble remembering (I certainly do), you can always write it on a post-it note and stick it near your screen, or jot it down in a note-pad.

    And Knowing Is Half The Battle!

  • Hello all, Emer here!

    In order to combat the recent deficit of roleplaying, a few of the GMs will be introducing a few new playable characters to Blackwood Crossing. Eventually we will work out a functioning system to extend this same "Two-Character-Rule" to every member, but for now bear with us. 

    Thank you all for your cooperation, and I hope to see you in RP!

  • I'll be working on a few quests to add over the next few days, and possibly adding in a few unique NPCs to Blackwood Crossing that may or may not lead into some very interesting roleplaying sessions.

  • I'm sorry to hear that your child was sick;  you have my condolences.  I can imagine it must have been a stress-filled and all around difficult few weeks.

    ...On a brighter note, I am glad to welcome you back!

  • Hello Everyone.  I have had a very sick child for a few weeks, so have not been around the BWC hub, but have checked into the site while at work to try keeping up with the happenings.  I should be able to return to the action this weekend. 

This reply was deleted.

Here you will find all of the important pages and links that we use to navigate around the group! If you have any questions or need some help, feel free to ask us in General Chat!


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General Chat Rules

This is the Live Roleplaying General Chatbox. It serves as a means to discuss group-related things such as characters, events, quests, etc. If you wish to join us in chat, please adhere to the following rules:

  1. If it doesn't have to do with this group, then keep it in the "Off Topic" chat tab!
  2. Be polite!
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Failure to adhere to any of these three rules will give the group GMs proper reason to temporarily ban or kick you from chat. 

If you are new to this group, please use the Roleplay Testing thread. This will help you get the feel of your character before you actually start!