This is a just for fun speculation question. It's always fun to read people's iterations of why the Dragonborn was crossing into Skyrim. So to inspire conversation I thought I'd ask what do you think is the most logical reason? I'd say it has to be a description that fits all races/class types since I'm talking about a logical reason for any character.

Also, in case the first question is boring, who is the Ebony Warrior? What's his story? And most confusingly, why does a Redguard say he's going to Sovngarde??

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Do you know they don't? You don't use people for science experiments until you know it might work. How did whats-his-face tune it to wulfharth?  

They know how to do it. 

Ya, but if they've done this before like you said, then they would've had no problem doing it now right? So they'd use a high elf, even if they didn't they still use a high elf for safety reasons, another enemy dragonborn vs a few dead high elves would be a trade they'd be willing to make. Also, like I said, it isn't confirmed that it was Wulfharth

I think the 'dragonborn' was 'drawn' to the land of Skyrim.

The lore group may be able to tell you about the Ebony Warrior; I know little.

I think a Redguard can go to Sovngarde. I don't think it's just for the nords, but probably extremely rare for another race. However, if you think Sovngarde is 'nord-only', then perhaps this alternative explanation may suffice: The Redguard's father was a nord, mother was a redguard (hence the physical traits). And he identifies better with the nord culture.

excellent question. 

LOL i never made that connection. It would be more obvious if they just put him in steel armor and still called him the Ebony Warrior. heh

I quite honestly think there's no way to know... You can't even guess.

There's no information given whatsoever on the Dragonborn's motives or on what forces might've driven him north, devine or otherwise. You get suggestions, but nothing concrete. I suppose that's the point of it, really.

And the Ebony Warrior? Pfft, I dunno what his deal is... As much as I'd love to go into the lore behind him, it's difficult to ignore the obvious reason Bethesda put him in the game for: to be a sort of final challenge for a max level character. His existence does little to transcend that gameplay purpose, in my opinion, and he comes across as too ill-thought or shallow.

Definitely interesting. Somebody, I believe here, said Alduin had at the same moment of the execution come forth through time and had started circling the mountain because as far as he knew, there was a war still going on... And he probably would have liked to kill those two other Nords that created Dragonrend. So he found the nearest location and attacked... Yada yada. Not a bad theory.

So Thanos in Dragon form, huh? I would buy it if Alduin sold it. I'd prefer that there be a different reason, though.

Because he had just completed TES:IV Oblivion.

The perfect answer.

I wonder if the dragonborn had any connection to Talos. Maybe Tiber Septim had a son and his lineage was covered up for political reasons and now here in the fourth era the Septim and he of the dragonblood comes forth.

Could be an interesting way of saying at the character creation screen "Hmm who did Tiber septim bone... Was it an Argonian? An ORC?! Another Nord?"

And the Ebony warrior makes me curious also...

Well, Martin Septim was a daedra worshiper who participated in all kinds of orgies. Maybe someone out there had a baby. 


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