This is a just for fun speculation question. It's always fun to read people's iterations of why the Dragonborn was crossing into Skyrim. So to inspire conversation I thought I'd ask what do you think is the most logical reason? I'd say it has to be a description that fits all races/class types since I'm talking about a logical reason for any character.

Also, in case the first question is boring, who is the Ebony Warrior? What's his story? And most confusingly, why does a Redguard say he's going to Sovngarde??

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Alternate Answer: He was tied to the chicken.

*boos loudly at all of you*

Because the gods are selfish-not wanting to solve their own problems. They caused things to happen, certain circumstances, that drove him northward to do their dirty work. He is a tool. An unwilling instrument. "Destiny" it would seem, means you are a puppet. It means you will be forced to clean up after the gods, because cleaning is below them. Sending a "Hero" is more cost effective than doing it themselves. 

At least, that's how it is for my Dragonborn, Gram. 

The Ebony Warrior was a Redguard POW that the Aldmeri experimented on for their goal of creating an artificial dragonborn. He rebelled, and searches out the True Dragonborn, who he wishes to die fighting against.  

So he is more or less Frank Horrigan from Fallout 2... I can dig it.

Shor, I haven't heard or seen that anywhere, where did you come to this conclusion?

By looking at the world, and asking "How?" and or "Why?" 

"Why would a Redguard have the Thu'um, a traditionally Nordic trait that only a few Nords even possess?" I asked myself. It is as bizarre as a Nord being a Sword-Singer. Now, I asked myself, "Who gains from a death showdown with the Dragonborn?" 

The Aldmeri Dominion, that's who. His appearance might as well be Tiber Septim's appearance. He is a nuclear deterrent when only Man has the bomb.

So, how does a Redguard posses a magical nuclear equivalent? Science. Everyone knows the Aldmeri have some of the best minds in the world. It makes sense that they would be trying to replicate Talos's Thu'um for hundreds of years. With the return of the Dragons, they found what they needed. Their 'soul' or 'understanding'. They captured a dragon's soul, probably one fleeing the Dragonborn, and bound it to the soul of the Redguard that they captured as a Prisoner of War in the Great War. Boom! Instant  Make-Your-Own-Dragonborn. It slices! It dices! It can blow your house down! This big bad wolf is a one man wrecking crew, and who is it suppose to wreck? The true Dragonborn. That's who. With the True Dragonborn out of the way, nothing stands between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Second Merithic Era. That's how I came to that conclusion. 

You have a nice way of thinking about how to determine things, but that's basically a personally theory, a guess. Based on the lore of Dragons and their souls you can't shove one into someone, he already has a soul, if they removed that, it would be a dragon in a Redguard's body. He wouldn't know how to do anything really, and I don't believe you can capture a Dragon soul. It isn't like a White or Black soul, only DBs can absorb them, and the only one we know of that's been trapped is Durnehviir. Besides, man isn't always holding the bomb, some people play as High Elves and Aldmeri Dominion supporters.

They did it with Wulfharth. He was Dragonborn. They shoved his Dragon soul into the Mantella, and powered a doomsday device. Bind the soul gem with some Briarheart techniques to the would-be Dragonbron, and BOOM! Dragoborn Factory.

People who support the Dominion are hypocrites in TES. Just saying.  

Not really, they don't do anything to you without you doing something to them first. As for Wulfharth, they don't know for sure if it was him, lot's of people have used the name "The Underking", I'm pretty sure it was just a Shezarrine lich who had his heart stolen. Also, the used the Mantella, I don't think they could use a simple soul gem for a dragon, not even Azura's star. As for Briarheart Techniques, how does that fit in? Also, why would the Dominion make a Redguard Dragonborn? That's completely stupid, and the Dominion are smart, they'd use a loyal High Elf for that. There are several more likely theories than an "Artificial Dragonborn"

Of course the soul gem would have to be tuned to have a dragons soul. The mantella was manufactured to power the brass tower. Its known you can make a soul gem. If you could soul trap a god, you can soul trap a dragon.

With the briar heart, you fuse the soul of the host to the powers of nature. With stone heart, you tie the soul to the red mountain. If you tie it to the soul gem, you tie it to the soul within. That's how it fits in. Also, they wouldn't use a high elf until they knew it would work. 

You can tune a soul gem to a Dragon, they wouldn't have any Idea how to tune it to one. And they would use a high elf, because they would know that if it worked then that person could escape


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