the other day me and my mate where having a discussion  about what the strongest build in Skyrim is, i saying that the strongest build by far is a sneaky assassin using bows and daggers, my friend saying that it is the typical worrier...

so i decided why not ask you guys? what do you think is the strongest skyrim build?   

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A combination of the sentinel, juggernaut and the histmaster. No magical damage and any physical damage that does get through is mitigated by ~90-95% and in case it all goes to hell then über regen from histskin.

As for weapons, Stalhrim mace and dagger each enchanted with Chaos Damage and Absorb Health along with all Augment Perks and one of the Dragonborn elemental masks should do the trick, about 100-900 magic damage per strike along with 100 healing (not to mention base damage!), with super fast attacks and the mace ignoring 75% of armor

Don't forget Fus Ro Smash.

Nah, marked for death works better 

Depends if we're talking early game / mid game / late game

I find 2h swords are very strong early game because of being balanced, while dual wield is better later on when you can tank everything.

Conjuration also makes this game easy as hell as you can have undead / atronachs fight for you.

Ponty's sorcerer?

If you're talking about consoles it would be a build that is capable of doing what all other builds can as well as they can. In my opinion being able to do what any other build can as masterfully as those builds can do it , is power. I don't want to come across as a fanboy but, I would give this to The Utopian.


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