WELCOME New members please say 'Hello' here..

We're still getting a steady stream of new members signing up to the site, in fact we are getting more members over the last few days than we've done for a few months.

Welcome to you all 

Here is a permanent thread for new members to dip their toe into the water and make their first post. This site is now huge - and getting bigger all the time.

It can be overwhelming for new people to know where to start 

Here is a safe place to get started. This thread will always be here, and always featured at the very top of the forum topics list. Think of it as a comfy sofa where you can take a seat, and take a look around the room 

So, new members please say 'hi' 

Edit: If you'd like some help learning your way around the site, check out the Skyrim Blog Buddy System!

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Singed in again in over 5 years. On xbox one edorion now!!


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