WELCOME New members please say 'Hello' here..

We're still getting a steady stream of new members signing up to the site, in fact we are getting more members over the last few days than we've done for a few months.

Welcome to you all 

Here is a permanent thread for new members to dip their toe into the water and make their first post. This site is now huge - and getting bigger all the time.

It can be overwhelming for new people to know where to start 

Here is a safe place to get started. This thread will always be here, and always featured at the very top of the forum topics list. Think of it as a comfy sofa where you can take a seat, and take a look around the room 

So, new members please say 'hi' 

Edit: If you'd like some help learning your way around the site, check out the Skyrim Blog Buddy System!

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I'll be the first to replay as newby.


I'd start with Skyrim on my sons Xbox several weeks ago. At the moment I've two chars going. A heavy armoured pure warrioress (L38) and a light armoured cutie (L20) who likes to mess around with bows and magic.

A nice blog with lots of info and fun stuff. Hope I can contribute a bit to it too.



This is in no way shape or form my first contribution to this site. Despite this fact I have made little to no accomplishments on this site due to the fact that I haven't posted anything. I absolutely love this community that you've built here also. I've been enjoying it since about October I think. Back in the days where I'd check the old site everyday until the release of Skyrim. Even after the release I'd check the game since I didn't get it until the 22nd. Still an active reader. Still love the site and the community. Keep up the good work!

Hello all. This is my fourth contribution to this site. I have just joined up not too long ago (about 3 weeks ago). My Elder Scrolls obsession started with Oblivion (yes, I know I started late but I have just fairly recently moved to the U.K. from gloriosa Italia about 4 years ago. One of my friends I made after about 3 weeks of moving to England introduced me to this game called "Oblivion", he also said it was part of a series. I asked if I could borrow it for a week, to see what it was like. After 2 hours I got bored and thought that it rubbish. The next day after school, I started to play it again and became in love with Oblivion. When the trailer for Skyrim was released, I literally could not wait to get it.

I am still an active member of this site and updating myself every couple of days. Love the site and keep on it.

PS. I am not a good speaker of Inglese (I am trying hard every day to learn English) and I had to put most of this text into an english translator)  

Great to see a few people sticking their head above the parapet 

I've just emailed the last 50 people to sign up for the site with a link to this thread, so lets see if it brings in any responses

Hi, been looking around and commenting in some threads, regards to everyone. Not to get too off-topic, I was enjoying vanilla on the pc (with Steam) quite alright with no issues, then gave mods a try--- they are very good but I'm experiencing 2-3 crashes to desktop a day, and had to lower my quality settings to allow the game to run, Have you guys tried mods? how are they working for you?

Hello Vicino and everyone else! I do love playing with a feww mods, but depending on what they are they will sometimes force you to lower your settings. I like playing with a few texture mods, and once in a while my computer will not be able to load an area and I'll see purple or black textures. Then the crash! It's all about knowing your computer's limits, downloading the latest drivers for your graphics card, etc. Some mods have no issues like that, however!

Hi all.

I just started getting into the current generation of games 6 months ago or so. I thought Oblivion was kind of fun - however I found I wasn't being drawn into the game too much and was really just going from quest to quest. I was actually expecting Skyrim to be merely a great looking version of Oblivion - so I was not in a hurry to get it.

I've been playing it a few weeks now and it blew me away from day one. I haven't had a character go past level 18 yet as I was spending lots of time trying new characters out - I love creating new characters. 

This site is fantastic. I am really impressed with the good natured the community is. People seem to be interested in contributing worthwhile content and being supportive. I really like the humour too. (Thank's to the person who posted gamerpoop. It's like Tim and Eric do Skyrim).

I've been enjoying reading about how people really role play their characters as well as great moments while playing. I really wish I was playing it on PC for those awesome mods!

Anyhow, thanks for the welcome!

I just started playing Skyrim in January and never played Oblivion or any other predecessors, nor any game like it.  I must say I love it and am completely addicted.  I am blown away at the vastness of the world Bethesda created.  Its mind blowing.  This blog is cool and I've gleened lots of useful info and better understanding of how the game works.  Also, I like the posts by the member "Bilal" as his comments are always intelligent but more importantly, nice, and not arrogant or condescending.


Don't fall into his trap!....hey Bilal

Wow Kirk that means a lot! Looking at what you wrote here you certainly are in the right place for a great time! I love this community! Except Tygravius, dunno what it is about that guy... =)


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