Hello All!

The day we've been talking about for months now is finally here.

As we have said, there will definitely be some changes on the new platform and some things to get used to. And as lots of you have also astutely pointed out, websites are never really "done" since they always change and evolve. We will be rolling out new changes and plugins in the coming days, weeks and even months. So even after we start shifting entirely to the new platform, you will likely notice some changes here and there as we work to fine-tune the site.

Here are just a few of the new features we're completely stoked about:

  • Refine the Activity Feed on your home page like never before. Use the little drop down menu to see all activity, just group activity, forum activity, photos or video activity, updates from just your friends, or create your own custom filtering criteria.
  • Reply to Activity Feed items directly on the feed.
  • Notifications bar at the top of every page so that you can instantly see any new activity related to your content.
  • More control on page layout in blogs. Customize your blogs as you would your own profile. This feature is also coming soon to groups and forums!

To get everyone started, and so Admins, Hosts, and Members can more easily assist each other, we've also installed the chat client for now so that people can more quickly and easily help one another to navigate the site since we can't be on it 24/7 (much as we might like to! :D ).  

Right now we are in the process of adding the tag function to Group discussions, rolling out more customization options to Groups and Forums, and honing the Activity Feed. Social Engine allows us more overall room for customization, but as such that takes a lot of time for us to learn and figure out the details of how to configure what we want, so please bear with us. We fit this in as we are able to between balancing jobs, family, school, and other real life stuff! 

But we promised you all a new site by September 1, and a new site you all shall have. As, such I present to you all the current working version of the site:

Currently, you can use the address tamrielvault4.com to access the new site. We want people to have plenty of time to get used to the setup, some of the different functions, re-upload your photos, check and tweak your content formatting, learn the new profile customization, etc.. For the time being, we will be leaving the Ning site its current URL and you can access the new site at tamrielvault4.com. After a couple weeks, we will switch the Social Engine URL over to tamrielvault.com, the Ning site will become theskyrimblog.com once more until we cancel our Ning subscription. Please be sure to use this time to save your content and photos if you have not already done so!

Please remember that the first time you log into the site you'll need to reset your password using the "Forgot Password" link. If you joined the site after June 28th, you will likely need to re-register.

Newer members: if you have any questions about whether or not your content made it over, please get in touch with an Admin (Todd, Paul, Phil, or myself). 

So now that you know a little bit more about the new site, what are you waiting for?? Go log on!

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I've sent out support requests to a number of places, let's see what comes back!

LOL, Todd. That cracked me up. 

Can you test it now?

Ok I gave it a test.

I can now open the site and log in however once I am logged in, any link, group or discussion I try to visit instantly kicks me out the site.

Not helpful but at least it's progress. I think.........

Hmm..... Let me keep digging!

A Question: If I want to post something related to writing, but not a story or anything, like a thread on it, should I post it in the (new) blog section or forums?

In what way is it related to writing Lyall?

Is it a topic about writing or something like that or a story of some description? Feel free to send me a PM of an example if you like. (On the old site not the new one)

Sotek Loyal Hound Of Hircine

I was going to make a page for us poets to exchange short lines we've come up with, but couldn't/didn't use, either through a lack of inspiration or just laziness   I was going to also ask them to say if they wanted to still keep the line and possibly use it, or leave it up for the community to devour  use. 

Well, I've loads of half paragraphs and one liners which I keep on my computer and as I write, every so often I find a use for them so it might pay for you to keep hold of it. You never know whats down the road and one day you might have the perfect place for it.

True, but generosity is... um... can't think of a good quote right now. Whatever, sharing is caring. Anyway, where would that go?

I should also say that when they post a line but say they want to use it, it still has use for others. They can be inspired by this line, and make a (hopefully not too) similar line, or just be like "Wow this person is good at writing!"  

Hold on to it for a few days. I'll form a discussion or something where we can maybe build up a collection of them for other writers to use. Let me think on it.

(And no jokes anyone like we don't have THAT long Sotek. by the time you move your tail we will have moved site again. I'm on it...)

By the time that's up I will have posted another chapter of BoK, AND Lissette will have posted another chapter of Straag Rod! 


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