Solstheim - A free land(mass)?

We have heard and seen that the 3rd dlc will play out at Solstheim. Will it be a new place that you can go to from lvl 1? Or will it be faction related? I mean...Dawnguard included some new things that if you wanted to "feel" it, you needed to join the Dawnguard or the Volkihars.They doesn't show anything about a new faction(s) in the trailer, so that means that it will be a new place with a real map....or....??Give your opinion and share your mind with the others! ;)

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  • Perhaps you could choose to fight WITH the Dragon Priests? I doubt it, but it certainly would be interesting!

  • I suspect it will be available as a boat ride from Windhelm, similar to the way that you could get there in Morrowind. In Morrowind you could go there right from the get-go, but you were advised not to do so until you were higher level (I think was about Lvl 20 from memory)

    The obvious new faction for Solstheim would be to do something with the East Empire Company, although they already did that with Bloodmoon, I hope it won't be the only faction

  • What i find most interesting about this dlc is not the island nore the spears{although in love with them} or the reiklings or warthogs nore stahlrim armor ... but the beautiful backdrop of red mountin smoking

  • As I posted in the old post that was somewhat about this, I think hermaeus mora is involved in the dlc in some amount as well, because of the fact that there are at least two enemies with squid faces, a tentacle pulls you Into what seems to be a world made of books, and that hermaeus mora's realm, apocrypha, is essentially made of books, linking it with the world you are (trapped?) in. I hope I am right, he really needs to be fleshed out.
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