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To respond to Curses point above (we hit Nings daft threading limit)

Yes, builders will be able to post images and links to builds on profiles, and also do a fair few other things.

It's the more 'advanced' tweaks like adding music that are more doubtful. And stuff changing fonts and stuff in the 'design studio' thing that Ning has. Most of that customisation probably won't be happening.

As I say, we're scouting out add-ons and mods that will add as much customisability as can be done. But its only fair set realistic expectations on this.
Thanks Paul. That not only answered my questions but alleviated a lot of my concerns. Another question on this note: will users be able to insert a background image to their page?

So what's up the TamrielVault Twitch account? I got an email the other day about it being active but I went over and I guess it's being used for the whole Character Crusade thing? I have no idea who those guys are/what it is, so I'm kind of asking two questions.

1) Is there a reason they aren't advertised on our site (the Streams that its) even though we apparently have some sort of deal that got them there own drop down menu and video box thing?

2) Why are they so prominent on the Vault twitch channel? Was there supposed to be a benefit for them or us? Because honestly it kind of feels kind of strange, they've only had one viewers (maybe because nobody here knew about it) and I might not be too surprised to learn that was just me clicking on the video recent...And there's also the fact that it kind of feels like their Twitch Stream (which I guess makes sense since we aren't using it) with our name slapped on it. 

Anyway, just really confused about this...I mean, I can get if it's part of whatever deal was made, but then it seems kind of weird that it was ignored on-site. 


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