Hey there Vault Members! In an effort to centralize these topics, and due to some technical difficulties with the old thread, we're moving the Site Feedback Thread into The Gateway.

If you have any feedback for the site generally, please feel free to leave those comments here. Please note that ideas for things we should cover in The Gateway specifically should be directed to the Group Suggestion Box

We'll read every comment here, but please keep in mind that we can't fulfill every request. 

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Hi guys, I am wanting to know if there is anyone who could give me a little help customizing my page. I've tried toying with it a bit but just can't get the hang of it. Would be cool for it to not look so plain, also sorry if this is the wrong thread to be asking this.

Maybe I can help. 

Hey that would be wicked if you could, flick me a message when you get a moment :)

Any chance we can get rid of the big ass vault logo on profile pages? It's fine on the main page, but a lot of members put work into getting a certain theme going on their page and a lot of those themes tend to clash with oxidized metal.
I second this. It's ugly and has to go.

I third this. 

same here.

I suck at customizing, but I also agree. Fifthed!

We should go back to the banner we had before, where it was just the white text.

Totally agree. Honestly we should just get a new logo entirely (wasn't this already planned, several months ago?) and preferably have it set to only show up on the front page.

That would be great. I'd be for it. So seventhed then? 

Sheeeet, eighthed. DAMMIT

Ok all, a few things:

-The logo has to appear on every page, including profiles. It's just the way it's set up.
-One or two people suggested this a few months ago, but the logo was democratically selected last summer. Nothing was ever officially planned for a revamp.
-We hear some folks don't care for it and we'll take it under consideration in the future. Right now we're focused on the platform switch and we'll revisit the issue following that.


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