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Not sure if this is the right place, but I'm having trouble (all of a sudden) trying to add images to my discussions.  In visual mode (not HTML, but that doesn't work either), I'll click "add image", then from my computer "choose file", pick an image, click OK, and I get just a broken link like this:Strange, since I was able to add images with no trouble at all very recently.  

I've been having the same problem today, not to mention it seems like some photos and videos seem to have the same problems at the moment (The photo in this discussion is one example, and it looks like the latest two videos.)

Another problem visually I've been having on PC is that the site is displaying itself kind of aligned to the left...I can't really show any pictures (because of the above issue) or explain it much better but at the moment most of the side bar is actually displaying underneath the Activity Feed. 

I am still randomly getting a "500: Unexpected Error" when going to the ESO Group. I also tried to get to Medieval's profile page and got the same message. The error happened at home and at work. Yesterday, the error lasted for about 3 hours and then seemed to resolve itself. Now, apparently, it's back.

Keep your heads low, people. It´s Ningalypse all over again

But seriously, it´s just Ning acting up again. Just clench your jaws and hold. Hopefully Ning will fix it soon.

It always does. It's just irritating is all.
Thanks for all this info guys. I'll let the engineers know. I suspect they're aware of these various issues, but another site clamoring for resolution certainly won't hurt.
Apparently, there is no way to access the thread(s) of the video(s) from Character Crusade directly (from device). All you can do is watching the vid or following the link to youtube, which makes it hard to give feedback/a like.
Maybe put a link (to the thread here on the site) into the describtion.

Check the picture for an idea of what I'm talking about.

Hey there guys. I've got a bit of a problem at the moment in regards to where to post one of my pieces of work. This Far Cry Build that I posted in the RPG Group is kind of...ambiguous in regards to being an RPG. I've talked it over with Raid and Bonelord a little and so far all three of us seem to be coming at it from a different point of view.

Anyway, to my point. There isn't currently anywhere on the site that can function like the Gaming Corner did, providing an area where we can post non-discussion based content (Yes I know that we have the General Gaming Category in the Forums but that won't work for a number of reasons I'd be happy to go into in greater detail) for a game. I think it would be truly helpful to open up another Forum Category to differentiate between content and discussions

Personally, I think it'd just be simpler to just relax the standards for what can go into the RPG Group. The group would still retain the focus on RPGs of course, but I think we can relax the ban on non-RPG stuff, so things like your Far Cry build could be allowed, but not encouraged.

Eh, don't get me wrong I definitely agree with that, but if we were to do that I'd say it'd be better to just go back to the Gaming Corner and stop all this focus nonsense. But the direction that's been planned for the RPG Group doesn't really seem to be geared towards that. 

I'd be happy enough if that was the direction that people wanted to take (really we'd have no idea would we) but if not then the Forums would be a simple, and quick enough alteration that would allow us to create more content

Well, we do have at least some idea. Back when the poll was ran to see how interested other people would be in seeing various game franchises supported by the site, it was overwhelmingly in favor of those that were RPGs (Dragon Age, Dark Souls, etc.).

Eh, I don't really want to argue that.... I try and stay away from ever arguing about what we did in terms of supporting other games on the site, I have a feeling it wouldn't be appreciated if I did. 

But those were for solo groups, which are very different from breaking apart the Gaming Corner


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