Hey guys! I've created a basic Tabletop RPG for Skyrim, based off the game and various wiki's. It's mostly going to feel like DnD 4.0 for combat, but can be played however you like.

I've attached it as an Excel doc, feel free to change, modify or steal it. Share the love, it's like Skyrim with out a controler.

I still need to flush out numbers/rules/exp and everything, like I said before: it's a very basic layout. If anyone would like to help/start a game message me, I can start it on Skype in the next few weeks.

Any other ideas? Post it below, we'll work out the details.

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Great Job CJ! Sounds like a heck of an idea. Hope you don't waste too much of your valuable work time on this!!

Here's an version for older Excel, if you guys need it. Thanks Rumplefugly.


Interesting idea Carlton.

Call me a heretic but I don't really know much about pen and paper RPG, but I'm willing to learn! And it sounds like the sort of thing that could be made collaboratively on the site.

Would you be interested in having a Group set up on the site to work on and develop this idea? I could set it up and make you the moderator. Then anyone wanting to help could join up and get to work...

Paul, if you could set up the group, I would really appreciate it. It would be great to get this thing going.

I've set it up Carlton and send you a PM about how things work with Groups 

Well Paul if he doesn't call you a heretic then I feel it's my duty to say it... Heretic!


Cartlon, despite my utter unchecked loathing for 4E, it's a good idea.  Most of the intrensic balancing work has been done by Bethesda after all.  Besides, Dragon Age has a pen and paper game out now, Skyrim seems easy except for the progression and class characteristic combinations for health-stamina-magicka. Purely based on skill progression is still something very easy and fun sort of system.


It makes sense to me with though I need to make assumptions based on background reasoning to make sure things works. After all, there's a few things that would need explaining to the uninitiated or just in base system comparisons:

  • What's the conversion between turns and real time?
  • Do characters start off at 0+racial skill or some other benchmark?
  • Attacks- how many, what's the base armor class, are they different depending on weapons, level progression, or purely given speed benefits in order precedence? how are power attacks related to fatigue?
  • Initiative- Weapon based or level based?
  • Skill Checks- How do they work against a base (such as a lock) and how do they work against other characters?
  • Base dice system- D20, percentile or (what I'd recommend as almost everyone has them) 3D6
  • Percentages- Do they round up or down?
  • Level progression- Given Skyrim has the major benefit of autocalculating skill progress and using that relative to level, I think it's the primary advantage it has over pen and paper systems

Just a short list of course. Thankfully the stats for spells, weapons, armor, and perks are available. I'd help more but I have a real active D20 revised modern scene.

>Vix< I don't want to speak for Carlton , but we work together and I know that he went on vacation for the next week. So if you don't get a reply from him immediately don't get discouraged. CJ knows buckets more about pen and paper rpgs than myself and he is leading this project for sure.

That being said, We've been spending a lot of time at work talking about this project so I will try and answer some of your questions:

  • We opted for a traditional turn based system only because of simplicity. I think a hybrid system would be cool as well. For example, the enemies (controlled by the DM) could roll while the players (we also thought having multiplayer was a no-brainer, [cough] ahem...come on Bethesda) roll as well. It wouldn't be super fast paced: we're brokers not math majors. So the human element would slow it down for sure. Let me know what you think.
  • Characters start like skyrim with 100 M/H/S plus the racial bonuses. Skills are the same way. We opted for a single birthsign just to make things simple.
  • Level progression is based on xp received upon a kill, unlike the ES. Again this was just a way to make things a little easier on us.

Some other thoughts:

  • I thought about printing two world maps: one blank for the player and one with all the locations revealed for the DM. As the players make their way around Skyrim, the DM would let them know if there was a cave/dungeon/town/ or whatever and the players mark it on their maps. 
  • I also thought about using the guild quests as a good start for the game. Example: College of Winterhold- go to [dungeon] and get [item] the fun would be in the journey and the actual dungeon itself.
  • Random creature/badguy encounters: the DM uses his/her creativity to generate these moments so vital to an ES game.

If you or anyone else has some input please let us know. Also, Paul, have you thought of adding a realtime chat feature for the site? I'm not super tech savvy, so I don't know how hard that is to do. I also assume you'd have to do something to keep the trolls out....

Not a problem but more questions about how a lot of these (at least in.xls format) are worded.  So these are mostly clarification issues for people not used to them.  


I take it that 1 turn=6 seconds it's just an assumption based on D&D's format. This affects things like the spell descriptions that have times in which things are effected. IE “Turn undead, level 13 flee for 30 seconds” but it's never clarified how many seconds a round is (I'd assume from D&D 30 seconds would be 5 rounds, but others measure in things such as damage and health per second and regeneration per minute). I've seen many systems work from 3-15 seconds per turn so it's not entirely obvious.


For starting characteristics I was thinking more about the Skills. Assuming a race such as, say, Khajiit ( for sake of argument) will that character start out at, say 0+0 block and 0+10 sneak or 10+0 block and 10+10 sneak?


The dice question is in what manner are numbers calculated? Do dice rolls revolve around the typical D20's being used or something like 3D6 for sake of averages and accessibility to non pen-and-paper players? Is there a dice mechanic at all or deterministic math? (to continue using the hypothetical Khajiit for instance, is attack always going to be weapon skill+weapon+level or will it be dice roll+Weaponskill+level (I haven't a clue what 'weapon' would mean in context to Skyrim as there's nothing related, my 4E knowledge mostly atrophied). 


To that effect, there's mention of AC=class though Skryim has no classes and there's no base to really start from. So would that be more of AC=Armor+level alone? Which to start off might very well be 2. Or would it be AC=base(10)+Armor+level.


With regards to progression, how many skill increases will there be per level? Will they be capped for fairness per increase? (IE if I go from level 4-5 will I get 10 skill ranks to increase? Can I put all 10 into one skill?) Furthermore how do they function?


The birthsign “Starting Perk” idea is very good, that was going to be another of my questions but I somehow left it off the list. Peculiar. It's a good idea about the dual maps, I tend to use similar ones myself alone with various 'encounter routes' if I'm working with a longer traditional campaign. Means there's those encounters of yesteryear when players aren't expecting it.

I just got back from vacation, I will work on all of this right away. Thanks for the feedback guys.

Would love to be involved im an old school role player MERP, AD&D, Vampire Masquerade. To many to name. I have dabbled in Writing and Dungeon Master give me a shout.

Join our group!

I know this thread is quite old, but trying to contact the original poster, wanted to see if you had gone any further with this.


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