I'd like to hear your ideas on how to 'evolve' character building.
There is nothing wrong with it but it has been pretty much the same for years now: presentation, basics, roleplay, gameplay, etc., but I think it could be different and/or much more than that.

Here are some of my ideas:

• Builds based on mods that change much of the base game

• Glitches & empowered abilities to create new ways to play

• Builds that are more complex roleplay/gameplay-wise, like fully adapting to combat-scenarios, telekinetic combat or merching combat styles with specific armor/weapons or other styles

• Builds that branch out and really give you the choice of building the character you want through additional roleplay aspects/moral choices/custom skills/combat styles/spell crafting/custom armor & weapons/etc., while playing along a red line

• Builds that follow a deep, set story-path but also require you to make big choices along the way, like using letters and scripted events (Guards talking about the Dawnguard/ Letter from a Jarl/etc.) to set up the story

• Builds based on a more complex moral-choice system that can display your moral alignment and partially decides the road your character will follow, like if your character was ok with doing bad things to gain power in the past, he will most likely join the Volkihar instead of the Dawnguard

• Builds that use additional programs to enhance and extend the ingame experience, like the moral system (see above) by using exel to calculate the alignment (got a system like that in the works), music that fits specific dungeons/quests/combat styles and could be played when entering those, a list of the items/spells/weapons & how to obtain them (possibly print) so the player doesn't have to spend half the time checking the uesp, a story calculator that can display and track progress (useful when you've been away some time), mods ofc, Skype/Discord/chat for people to share thoughts while play the same build, and many more

• Combinations of any of the above

I know most, if not all, of these ideas have been used in builds at some point, but there have never been many of them. Note that this discussion is about all games, not just TES and Fallout.
I thought it would be fitting now to think about new ways, because we're moving which means more or less a new beginning. Thanks for reading, please leave a comment with your opinion.
Quite some credit goes to Ry.

More ideas:
• Noodles: Add new quests/environments/etc through mods like Enderal

• Karver: One word: Skywind

• Mercurias: Use the dificulty slider to make more play styles viable. Create unique weaknessess that change the perspective of the build and also go with the build's strength. Combine this and new spell combinations

• Relycs: Create big, custom quests that work with scripted events and the build's theme and story, like roleplaying the need of the Aetherial Crown to store the tower stone in order to open a specific 'magical' lock to gain access to like the Dwemer Museum

• Vyxsyn: Builds made specifically for a certain difficulty. Modded Builds, user-friendly. More focus on the character's background, life, religious behavior and how they fit in with the perks and the playstyle of the build

• Outside the Box (Read on your own): http://tamrielvault.com/forum/topics/new-ways-in-character-building...

• Wu YiXiang: Builds that are built around a soecific perk, item or perk

• Vazgen: Lore, base builds on events/characters/faction of the past

• Primo Rufus Vulpus: Built on a concept and stand true to it. Focus more on the psyche and thoughts of the character, what does he/she think and why would he/she do this and that? A jounal that follows the character through the build. Different outfits for different purposes

• Ry Williams: Jacks of all trades, be able to handle any combat situation perfectly

• DB: Use html to it's full potential. More support & comments!

• Henson: More serious roleplay and characters bound to specific guidelines

• Zonnonn: More rp and story driven builds. Embrace change

• Caesar: Harmony instead of competition in building, less/no deathmatches and standards to allow more builds and freedom of building

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The problem is that you guys think that the issue is with everybody except the builder choosing to conform! 

If I saw my friends all wearing the same shoes, is it their fault that I bought the exact same pair? No, I chose to conform.

I think the issue is that not conforming isn't encouraged enough.

Well I've learned some new things thanks to this discussion. I bet alot of others have too. What I took out of this is lead by example. If you think something should be done one way, then be your own testament to that.

You want more creative builds, do it! Don't wait on a new guy to come along and mix things up. On the other hand if you think that creative freedom should be a thing, then support the people doing things differently. At the end of the day, if you do what you think is right thats all that matters! 

Well said Valric and it marks a good point for me to end on  Consider the matter dropped by me, I think I have inadvertently caused enough pain and distress - ironically the things I wanted to prevent.

I will think on this. I have a handful of builds I have been too timid to post and a few ideas on how to portray those characters that may not be considered conventional. It's food for thought, we do need to let actions speak louder than words at times.

I am sorry my words and actions of late have caused so much drama, though.

Damn it Phil, I was going to take the blame...Nothing even slightly negative happened in this post until my second comment, so don't you try and take the blame.

Actually, regardless don't ever try and be sorry for stating an opinion (says the guy who does it almost as often as you), you weren't being an ass about it in anyway, and you raised points you thought were valid... This, I think is a case of people reacting stronger than the initial (for lack of a better word) criticism which was being discussed earlier, there was nothing hateful, no blame directed towards anyone from you, just opinions...

On another note...I see people have mentioned hostility, and I can only really see two, maybe three comments that are hostile at all... I dunno if I'm just used to worse, but I kind of think people are blowing this up to be more hurtful, insulting and hostile than it really is. There are disagreements sure, but pretty much everyone has said their pieces without being directly offensive.

EDIT: I wanted to make an edit, because I did kind of rush this...I don't mean that there was nothing that could have been offensive stated in this thread, I definitely get that, but I don't think there were that many comments mean to belittle, hurt or bully another member. That's my definition of hostility in a discussion (not sure if it's technically correct) but I wanted to make a distinction that this is my own views, and other people might disagree. 

At the request of a few peeps via Skype I've been asked to take a look at this thread. I've just read through everyone's replies and I think all of these points of view have given me a general idea of what's going on here at the moment.

I rarely pop my head in to this corner of the site anymore - if anything I'll just be checking for questions on my page or having a quick look at what's going on in the ESO group (very little) or Fallout CB. I'll freely admit that I was having a bit of a laugh with some friends on the weekend by poking through some of the newer builds and comparing them to the standards of mid-2013 when CB was at its height. Many of them had potential but I don't really have the time or passion to really help the authors improve their future work. But I digress.

Unfortunately I've never really experienced this whole stigma surrounding new builders that people seem to be talking about, but I do think there needs to be some changes to CB. Say I was a new member coming to the group for the first time and posting my first build, I'd see all these shining examples of Mythic and Legendary builds from the last few years. I get the impression that the heights of 100+ likes are nearly unachievable these days, simply because there's not enough active members or buzz surrounding the CB group. I'm not really sure how off the top of my head but I do think some focus needs to be taken away from the age-old likes system us CB oldies used to hold in such high regard.

Heaps of people have mentioned some cool ideas for different kinds of builds deviating from the standard gameplay-focused formula that I personally 'grew up' with. Why don't we think of a way to actually get some of those great ideas rolling rather than bickering about what's happened in the past?

With the remastered version of Skyrim coming out soon I expect many people (both old and new members, maybe even me - you never know) will be descending upon Character Building once again - and many will have already played Skyrim before, and might be looking for something a bit (or a lot) different to what they are used to. We're coming up to a good time to start generating some change within the group.

I've found in the past that Events are a great way to get people on board with a theme/concept that normally wouldn't even consider it - they've even brought me back to the group a couple of times when I thought I was done. Maybe we could run a couple of themed months or something along those lines - rather than having a short window of a week or two to post your build, post up the themes for this month and next month on the CB (or even site) homepage. Then people can create a build each month based on the theme, or just do one every second month since they know what next month's theme will be in advance. This could be stuff like builds based on custom quests (I remember a discussion around this a few years back which worked quite well), builds told from a first person perspective, or one of the other ones listed in this discussion.

I think in the long run we'll find some cool new concepts and presentations that really gel well with the group and start finding their way in to other new builds in the site.

Anyway, I think that's more words than all the comments I've posted in the last year combined so I might leave this one here. I know I'm a bit out of touch with the group right now but I thought I might as well throw in my 2 cents from a CB oldie's perspective.

This made me thinking of getting back into building. Maybe a story/build thing, that shows his skills through his journals? Maybe a branching build? But.. After reading Curse's reply to Phil back on page 9 or so... The fear has come back, and I'm just ready for my work to be torn apart. Eh. I'm probably being over-sensitive, but I'll just stick to Stories for now. Great discussion though!

EDIT: Now I want to again.... *Shrugs*

Hopefully it safe to traverse on this post again after all the "stuff" being flung around. . .

Lyall don't be afraid to put yourself out there to make a build! If you got an idea to display a characters skills, then go for it. Don't let anyone discourage you or tear you down for it. Display it from your mind and heart. Not for it to be hesitant just because of a few ( Or in this case ) several of other critics might say. You would probably have to post it up in the new site  if they have the part operational or not.  Good luck getting it through!

I think you should post one, or at least a snapshot, no one is gonna rip that apart. I like snapshots, but making a build i don't have time for and it would get ripped apart. but snapshots... those are fun.


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