You may be thinking there are no useless perks in Skyrim there is some character out there that can make use of the perk in question. In Skyrim there are some pretty crappy perks and I think the worst has to be Novice Locks in the lockpicking tree it's description is "Novice locks are much easier to pick." What perk do you think is the worst? Discuss.

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  • The "Allure" perk is pretty pointless but you have to get it to get the "Merchant" perk. Also the "Hunter's Discipline" perk is kinda pointless since Dawnguard added arrow crafting.


    Plus, although not pointless perks, it's annoying that the fire, ice and lightning enchanting perks are seperate.

  • Allure is OK and if you don't have hunter's discipline is good if you don't have dawnguard if you are one shoting things then you are actually gaining arrows and it annoys me also that the elemental echanting perks aren't altogether as one.

  • Cushioned. Absolutely useless. How often do you fall in the first place, and if you do you normally fall enough that will kill you regardless. That being said, it's a waste of a perk.
  • I also think keymaster in pickpocketing is pretty crappy keys are not hard to pickpocket. -_-

  • All Lockpicking perks are STUPID. I have created ten characters and have NEVER had any trouble with lockpicking. Never used a lockpicking perk.

    Also: HEAVY ARMOR, Cushioned and Fists of steel are the dumbest most "hurry up and just slap on a perk" perks I have ever seen.

    SPEECH perk tree seemed like it could have been so much more if Skyrim was more like Oblivion/New Vegas/Morrowind


  • Currently playing through as my Argonian Race build (can only use skills the race gets a bonus in - I'll post the build up once I've played it through, good fun so long as you prefer running away from things to killing them....) and I'm having to use skills I've never used before.

    I've found Quick Hands quite useful - I don't have to pay too much attention who is around when I'm breaking and entering.

    I find I'm missing some Speech skills - having to run round all the merchants to sell stuff to rather than offloading everything onto the same blacksmith is a little annoying.

    So while many builds can find many perks useless there is always a niche for them somewhere! (Though I can't see me using lockpicking in many other builds)

    On a slightly different note I'm finding lack of Quiet Casting on a sneaky character really difficult, why is it in Illusion and not Stealth?

  • The whole Lockpicking tree.

    Lockpicking's a true masterpiece on Skyrim, Bethesda made it both fun and challenging but it's so easy you don't need any of the perks in the tree.

    Also Speechcraft, I don't feel it's necessary to have a tree for a skill that doesn't really do much in Skyrim (which is unfortunate, i'd love a more useful speechcraft skill, particularly on my vampire Dunmer)

  • All of the pickpoket perks.

    Not because they are bad, but because no matter how much time you put into pickpocketing, there is always that chance of failure. 

  • Definitely the max perks in one-handed and two-handed. All that time you spend fighting, and the master technique you learn is actually a hard to pull off maneuver that won't activate most of the time and when it does, it stuns the enemy. For 1 second. 1. All that, for a 1 second stun, 1/4 of time, that you actually manage to land a backwards power attack. It's ridiculous.

  • I've never once taken the intimidation perk. Can't really think of a single use for it that makes it worth a perk point.
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