It's Official: TamrielVault and CharacterCrusade are partnering!

Hello everyone, it's The Overseer here with an exciting announcement! 

Recently we've been in talks with the good people over at Character Crusade about forming a partnership. I'm very excited to be able to officially announce to you all that we've come to an agreement, and from here on out we'll be partnering with them! They will be producing a wide range of content based off of the builds, stories, and RP profiles that we have here on the Vault (and linking back to it in their videos and podcasts, of course). 

Now I know what some of you will say; things like "Why them?" "Why not one of the YouTubers that we already have?" and "What makes them different?" Well, allow me to provide you with answers to each of those questions:

  • "Why them?" When I first heard that they were looking for a partnership, I was skeptical. Usually when we're approached with something like that it has no benefits for the Vault, which isn't really fair to us. However after looking at their content, seeing their fanbase, and looking at how they operate, two things became clear to me. One was that they don't really need to partner with anyone if they don't want to - their content could easily stand well on its own. And the second thing is that they clearly are not in this just to make money (which, unfortunately, is how a lot of YouTubers operate).
  • "Why not one of the YouTubers we have here?" We've tried this before, actually. We had quite a few YouTubers affiliated with us at one point, but all of them fizzled out. We aren't really sure why, but they never really seemed to work out. In addition to that, it seemed like the only people who viewed the videos from Vault-based YouTubers were other Vault members. While we definitely want our members to be watching the videos, we NEED to have outside viewers seeing them. That's where Character Crusade tops our past YouTubers - they have an existing fanbase. 
  • "What makes them different?" I think the previous two answers sum this one up sufficiently 

I'm very excited about seeing the content that the team over at Character Crusade makes for us! I see a very prosperous relationship here, and I hope you all are just as excited about this as I am! 

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Wow, thanks Medieval!   It's great to see such awesome support from our members about something like this. The Character Crusade guys are very talented, and personally I'm as excited about their content as they are about ours, so I'm looking forward to seeing this grow and mutual creative give and take. 


I checked out CharacterCrusade and it must be said I am excited by this. This is a very positive thing, their content is very, very good and I cannot wait to see how they may use some of our stuff. Welcome guys, it is a pleasure to have you with us

I've never heard of the guys from Character Crusade but after looking over a couple of their videos they seem very cool. I'll keep an eye out on their channel for future content. That said... don't you guys think it's kind of a d*ck move to give them their own tab with 4 links whereas HeroicX and PCoutcast who've been with us for a long time get squat? I mean, the latter have made video showcases and series (and are still doing) for many builds here. They even helped us with the Reviews event in the past. They may not be that popular but they helped a lot. I get it that Character Crusade have more popularity and more video types but at least put a link in that tab to HeroicX and PCoutcast.

Have to agree with Noodlerino

I don't disagree with that 

I think Todd has said the current top navigation bar layout is by way of an experiment, and it will be developed and changed. In fact the whole top menu could probably do with an overhaul

But thanks for the prompt, we'll look to do that because don't want to make guys like PCOutcast and Heroic feel like their efforts are not valued.

Hey Noodles, I appreciate the support, and if the powers that be would like to link to my existing Skyrim content as a showcase of the builds I've played that's fine. However, going forward I don't think I'll be doing that many more Skyrim playthroughs.

It's time (maybe past time) to look to the future and hope like hell TES6 doesn't suck! LOL :D

Sounds cool, but just wondering quite what this bit:

"They will be producing a wide range of content based off of the builds, stories, and RP profiles that we have here on the Vault (and linking back to it in their videos and podcasts, of course). "

means? I presume people will be asked (or at the very least notified) if our stories/builds/etc are going to be used in this way? I can't imagine mine would be of much interest to them, but would be good to know in general.

The more the merrier in my eyes, and if the podcasts' quality represents the rest of their work, I can't wait to see what's in store.

So ah...where did the chat box go? :p Sorry didn't know where to post this


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