It's Official: TamrielVault and CharacterCrusade are partnering!

Hello everyone, it's The Overseer here with an exciting announcement! 

Recently we've been in talks with the good people over at Character Crusade about forming a partnership. I'm very excited to be able to officially announce to you all that we've come to an agreement, and from here on out we'll be partnering with them! They will be producing a wide range of content based off of the builds, stories, and RP profiles that we have here on the Vault (and linking back to it in their videos and podcasts, of course). 

Now I know what some of you will say; things like "Why them?" "Why not one of the YouTubers that we already have?" and "What makes them different?" Well, allow me to provide you with answers to each of those questions:

  • "Why them?" When I first heard that they were looking for a partnership, I was skeptical. Usually when we're approached with something like that it has no benefits for the Vault, which isn't really fair to us. However after looking at their content, seeing their fanbase, and looking at how they operate, two things became clear to me. One was that they don't really need to partner with anyone if they don't want to - their content could easily stand well on its own. And the second thing is that they clearly are not in this just to make money (which, unfortunately, is how a lot of YouTubers operate).
  • "Why not one of the YouTubers we have here?" We've tried this before, actually. We had quite a few YouTubers affiliated with us at one point, but all of them fizzled out. We aren't really sure why, but they never really seemed to work out. In addition to that, it seemed like the only people who viewed the videos from Vault-based YouTubers were other Vault members. While we definitely want our members to be watching the videos, we NEED to have outside viewers seeing them. That's where Character Crusade tops our past YouTubers - they have an existing fanbase. 
  • "What makes them different?" I think the previous two answers sum this one up sufficiently 

I'm very excited about seeing the content that the team over at Character Crusade makes for us! I see a very prosperous relationship here, and I hope you all are just as excited about this as I am! 

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Well i cant wait to see there new Vault content.

I can confirm that we have already had new members signing up to the Vault who have come from Character Crusade

We've already had at least three new members because of it (that's in what, two days?).

I'll be the first to chime in on behalf of Character Crusade and say, we are definitely humbled by your kind words and welcoming spirit. We have always strove to put character and story first and to try and put out materials that are both thought provoking as well as fun. I for one am very excited! 

Welcome Joe! It's wonderful to meet other folks who are as invested in the creative process and in game universe as our own community. So I for one am happy to have you guys and look forward to reading what you have to share with us. 

I agree! CouchWarrior has already posted some really stellar articles, and I'm excited to see what else his folks have in store for us. I love seeing new, engaged members who are just as passionate about these games this lifestyle as us. I'm really looking forward to seeing some new faces around here that will be actively engaged in the thing that interests us most and keeps us coming back day in and day out. 

Neato. I've been a casual viewer of CouchWarrior for awhile and I've listened to a few Character Crusade podcasts, so I'm pretty happy with this move.

Welcome to the site, guys. Glad to have you.

I can't say I've ever heard of CharacterCrusade before now, but then again I'm not really that big a fan of Videos.

One request I do have; Can we please shorten it's name on the navigation bar/move it somewhere else(Useful Links or perhaps Site Info come to mind)? As it is now, the Forum has been pushed to a second row and the whole thing just looks like a mess.

Is Forum showing on the second row for you?? Hm... I'm only seeing one row on mine. Anyone else?

I think it must be his browser. I checked on multiple devices and it's been one bar for me.

Here's a screen shot of what it looks like for me. To clarify, I'm using Google Chrome.


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