Imperial scum

I read on how during the great war the Thalmor was defeating the Empire on every front. The Empire did not start winning battles until they started using guerrilla warfare and until they brought Nord reinforcements from Skyrim. So why would the people of the Empire trust them when the imperials said they can protect them from the Thalmor. Leave it to the Stormcloaks we can defend the people of Skyrim better than the Empire say they can.

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  • If you read the article I find it hard to believe you would say this afterwards:

    the imperials would have been wiped out if it wasn't for the Nords of the north so the people of skyrim should not have to suffer for the imperials weakness. So therefor the Stormcloaks have every right to revolt against the imperial empire.

    The Nords barely suffered any losses, the biggest blows were absorbed by the Imperials and Reguards. The Nords only lost a false Divine.

  • Talos is not a false divine if you have played any of the other Elder Scrolls you would know for a fact that Talos is not a false divine. And the Nords of skyrim are being dictated by the empire most to the fact of the divine god Talos.

  • The Nords are a very hardy race and are one of the best warriors known of all the races and by the way you talk you are and elf battlemage who keeps his distance from a fight and to much of a coward to face your enemy in the face you sound like a supporter of the Thalmor Aldmeri Dominion.

  • I agree, let the Stormcloaks fight the Dominion on their own... 

  • Without the empire there is no order, and without order we have pointless civil wars that leave the humans weaker and prone to be invaded by elves. My point is, Ulfric is wrong with the right reasons, the nords should be allowed free worship of their pointless, useless divines (all hail sithis, the one true god), but they should not be fighting their imperial couisins because of a treaty that, compared to the other terms of the treaty, hardly afected them at all, i mean come on, its just one less heretic pedestal with an ugly statue on top.
  • No offense when I say this but your opinion is so vague and out-dated. It presents hardly any debate. Except the same old one everyone discusses. ``Empire vs Stormcloaks``

  • My discussion is based on a completely accurate and reasonable topic thank you very much
  • I'm not exactly Pro-Empire but it's no fun killing your own FAMILY over a false divine, the elves will be sent back to Summerset Isle and there will be peace. Until the Brotherhood rises again.. Hail Sithis!
  • Just wondering, what made you think that Nords are the strongest warriors on Tamriel?

  • I think Blackwood has leaked onto the main site...

    Someone get a butt-plug for it.

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