Where would you want it to be set? What factions would make a (re)apperance? What kinds of weapons would you want in? What sorts of enemies would you like to face? Would you like the dialogue system to return to the old form? Would you like the ability to record your voice and have it be added to all the lines? Thoughts? 

Personally, and I might be biased since I live there, but I want to see a San Jose set Fallout. Or, if not there, a San Francisco one. Think of it, battling on, on top of, and under the Golden Gate Bridge, or maybe taking a tour through spooky, Dunwich Building style Alcatraz. Maybe meet a version of the Triggermen, maybe a descendent of Al Capone himself leading them, or a ghoul believing himself to be Al Capone. 

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Florida. It's basically a crazy wasteland now, so adding in some fallout would make it over the top.

Plus, I believe the tip of Florida is supposedly one of the points of the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps the Triangle is a fact in the world of Fallout....

Fallout in Florida with some Bermuda Triangle action would be the shit, we need that.

Think of all the shennanigans that could come about

Are you proposing a real seafaring Fallout game, with ghoul and robot pirates and the choice to be some kind of Naval Hero or a corsair, plus blowing up the majority of Florida?

...I would be down for that.
It might not be in Florida since the current events, same with NOLA.

I'd rather see Obsidian make an ES game. That would be a treat.

 Perhaps, perhaps... However, I'd rather have them making a new Fallout game upon the Fallout 4 engine first.

 But Chris Avellone did leave the Obsidian team, and he was a big name/writer there... Wish he hadn't left them. [Edit: Although he is working as a freelancer now, and is involved with Arkane Studios' Prey, published by Bethesda]

So, is the new Prey going to be a remake, a reboot, a sequel? 

A reboot, if I'm not mistaken.

 Anywhere on the West Coast. It would be my ideal "business model", Bethesda keeps making games for the East Coast and Obsidian handles the West Coast.

 I would like to see a new Fallout game in San Francisco, Los Angeles/Boneyard and, of course, Texas.


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