Greatest Hits!

Since we only have a few days left, I want us to get all nostalgic here. Post your favorite conversation, your best memory, what this site has given you...anything about what the site meant to you that you want to share.

To me, I learned a lot about the world and met some fantastic friends. I also learned to love you guys. I'll miss this site so very much.

R.I.P. Skyrim Blog

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  • I'll start.

    First, I want to say thank you to Ky for convincing me not to give up on this site months ago. She was right as her divine self always is. :)

    I also want to say thank you to every single person on here that has made my life so much richer. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone on here. This has been a second home to me and a place I have looked forward to visiting. I learned so much, like the fact that Dutch people wear mullets too, I learned that Asverze likes to swear, Bilal looks awesome in blonde locks, dragons like Skittles, there is so much more that you can do with cucumbers than I ever wanted to know, foxes truly are sly, dogs are well...dogs, blacksmiths can survive for an unlimited amount of time in a dragon belly, Batman lives in Australia, big fish poop a LOT, some guys like to dress like Grammas but can somehow still be cool, old rockers still rock (not Mick Jagger tho)..., and sooooooooooo much more.

    Goodbye blog.

  • Jaundice McYellow *shudders*

  • Oh, this will probably come in waves for me, particularly as other people post, too.  But this is an excellent idea, Shannon, and might be a bit cathartic, too.

    I am certainly glad that you stayed, and that my overly active imagination (and fear that I have given the wrong impression on ANYTHING) did not drive you away!  I think I have learned a lot about resiliency from you, Shannon, and that you can chose to define yourself, and not your past.  (I will save some other sappy things in a PM to you!)  

    I remember reading the site on Wordpress I think it was, and being blown away by the quality of discussions, Paul's amazing posts on the different eras of Tamriel's history, and simply genuine, friendly people.  So I did not join until the site was moved to Ning, and managed to become part of this community, the first internet community that I have ever joined.  

    I remember with fondness the evening where we were trying to guess what Bilal was doing, and he, with his characteristic wit and good nature, joined in the fun!

    Working with Mason on the Daedric "moggies" was unforgettable!

    Girl gamer discussion on fellas we would like to "mod" into the game was a blast!

    Only a start, but you are right, the people are what made this, and that is what makes all of this tough.  To quote Legolas...for me the grief is still too near.

  • Yeah, I'd say some of the 'highlights' were the Daedric Cats, The Divines with all our mugs and the group photo of our characters in front of a word wall!!! That last one was really cool (thanx Mason) Actually, big kudos to MaseDog for all of those projects. (pretty sure he used his photoshop wiz on all of those. If I forgot somebody who helped out on that, sorry about that)

    Speaking of that group photo, where is it on here? Is it deep in the vaults somewhere?

  • Also can't forget "nakedmarc04" who tried to pick me up in chat when Dieter and Alduin conveniently left me alone.

    And learning Dutch, albeit, nothing I can use in everyday life, other than werke.

  • I love almost anything about this site, although I admit that I remembered I was in the challenges group so late. So here it goes... I LOVE YOU GUYS, you're all great in your own way and each one of you made the Skyrimblog better and better.

  • The group photo, the deadric cats, the aedric mug photos, Bilal's Photoblog, The Stoy of Razzelas and i could continue forever. The people here made this site great and I would be honored if I could call you my friends 

  • Okay deep breath

    My single greatest hit was when i hit the sign up button back on the old site,

    I was then introduced too the most intellectual , creative , intriguing , funny , thoughtful , kind , geeky and grown up group of people on the internet.

    I love you all dearly i pray this is'nt the end to what has taken a lot of work from a lot of people to create,

    Special thanks go too Paul for creating this beast (he will always be the true leader no matter where the next few days takes the community) he spoiled us with his kindness and encouragement for us all to create and join in, he didnt have to be that way i have experienced some tyrants of site owners and he NEVER acted as if he was the child with the toys rather he loved watching us develop on our own more and more as he began taking somewhat of a backseat, thanks paul your the best my friend,

    Okay i want to thank some of my fellow bloggers now so bare with me(if i leave anyone out forgive me my memory sucks).,

    Guy your the man over the life of this site i have often found my self debating many things with you in a fun banter your a good man,your group is unrivaled in its professional administration

    Mason your a naughty dog and what you have done for the character building group in the last few months was nothing short of miraculous the traffic you and guy created was really awesome to behold -gives a doggie treat-

    Ponty your a great guy i always loved your viewpoints on builds and of course the incredible creativity you have for making them is astounding,

    Vix you sir are the daddy of lore,

    on more than one occasion i have found myself late at night reading your volumes to help get me off to sleep(no offense), match that with the debates i have so often had with you(admittedly at times just too see how fiery your debating side was) i doubt i will ever meet a character as interesting as yourself again  your one in a million bud,

    Bilal you brought me so much content with your photoblogs and inspired me too create my own version of that in "deal with a dagon",

    Kynareth you inspired me with your constant nagging lol to get back too creating more content at a time when i felt i was all dried up creatively, your a good person that is rare,

    Shannontist your discussions were always so fun as much for the content as for how far off topic they inevitably got lol, on a personnal note your story is nothing short of inspiring you carry yourself with great dignity and grace and you should be proud of where you are in life,

    scarthekhajiit your a funny lil' scamp, but seriously a very mannerly nice guy all round,

    cant think of more

    Tygravius! , ricardo! .......

    love you The Skyrim Blog all 2000 odd members  of you,

    oh man im depressed

    I forgot alduin and dieter love you guys you have been great friends too me thanks for the memories,

  • Hehe, I love One Does Not Simply memes

    Let's see... The first thing that really started me paying attention to the rest of the site other than just Paul's Post - When I saw in the activity bar (Which was then on the side of the site 0.o) and I saw the Khajiit Dragonborn art that Vix had posted, after that I started paying more attention to the community.

    I remember when I asked a question about the breathing involved with Shouting (Lol) in the Q&A feature we used to have. Mason replied with some pretty good knowledge of Kung-fu which I had used for part of the question, I was comparing it to Kung-fu techniques or something similiar. Anyway yeah, Mason became my first Skyrim Blog "Friend" and we chatted about the subject a little more, he also recommended a book for me that had some cool information.

    What else... Well, everything involving me thinking one of Shannon's Avatars looked similiar to a Bob Marley picture my brother has sticks out...

    Need some time to remember some more...

  • Shannon's threads are always awesome, Vix's lore articles made me see the series in a new light.

    And ofcourse all the members that made this site so great, a great many thanks to all, especialy to my friends, i hope we can keep contact through other means. Like playing games, like i'm doing with Dieter. Also thanks to Paul, non of this would have been possible without him.

    I was partying and saw the news when i came back, it was a real bitter pill to swallow, although there are several other sites like this, it will never be the same... Again, thank you all!

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