Hello, everyone! Warlord here, with another query. While it is not lore-friendly, I am asking you, if you could create your own Daedric Prince, what would she/he/it be like? But first, a guide on things you must include.



Appearance (Human Form)

Appearance (True Form)

Artifact (No More than Three, must have Appearance, Name, and Effects)

Realm (Leave a description, can be as detailed as you like)

Champion: (Optional. Leave who would be your ideal champion)

RULE: You cannot be prince of something that there is already a prince of. e.g, you cannot say you are prince of madness. TAKEN!!!

My Prince:




Poison, Pain, Suffering


(Human) Dark Elf, Male, wearing black and gold robes. Shoulder-length, ragged black hair.


(True Form) A colossal humanoid with a scarred and distorted face, spikey armor, gauntlets, and boots, the spikes on which are coated with deadly poison. Carries a huge Daedric Bow.


Bloodrend. Appears as a dagger, very sharp, elegant handle, encrusted with rubies. Permanantly coated with a bubbly green liquid that causes those it touches to vomit blood until they die.

Realm: Agonora

Description: A vast realm, the west appears beautiful, full of flowers, butterflies, and the such. The flowers emmit a deadly gas that kills on contact. The butterflies attack and kill in swarms.

The East is full of colossal thorny branches coated with poison. Referred to as Thorny road.

The South is always raining acid, so it is rarely entered.

The North is similar to the east, except it contains Malkith's palace in the centre. The palace takes up most of the room.

Champion: Mmm... Festus Krex.

Well, there is my prince! I look forward to reading yours!

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Name- Daeloth

Sphere- Undeath, Monsters, Abominations

Appearance (Human Form)-  A mix of all nine Races with dead looking eyes , A khajiit arms, Argonian Tail, Breton, Nord and Imperial Face, Elven Legs-wtf, and an orc body, Very Scarred and parts of his body are eaten away

Appearance (True Form)- A 12 foot tall Daedroth like creature with A lithe, Powerful body, legs and arms, uses a powerful form of necromancy, and summons Distorted, half eaten Daedroths that he stole from Molag Bal.

Artifact (No More than Three, must have Appearance, Name, and Effects)-

 Wyrms Skull- A powerful necromancy staff that summons Distorted Daedroth into a body, changing the body to have daedroth like tail, claws, and head, and personality. It has a troll skull with a lower jaw of a human, and emeralds in the three eye sockets. The staff is made of a Dark elm wood, and corrupts the user every time it is used until they are no more than an empty undead shell. When this happens, Daeloth takes back the staff and takes the champion to his realm.

Wretched Handwraps- Handwraps that cover the wearers hands, with a black, poisonous cloth- with a Cloud like the Ebony Mail always around it, but at a lesser scale, these wraps are impossible to remove, and if removed by magical force, the wearer Quickly deteriorates to look like the oldest of Draugr. When these Handwraps touch anything other than the Wyrms Skull, The item is corrupted until it withers and rusts- if it is metal. If a Living thing is touched, they wither in a few seconds until it looks like they are thousands of years old. Then they are reanimated under the Wearers control. If used on undead however, they become much stronger and more powerful.

Amulet of Cursed Longevity- This amulet grants the wearer unlimited life, but it has its drawbacks, like slowly decreasing emotion, until the champion has been wearing it for over 100 years-and emotionless. The Amulet of Cursed Longevity masks itself to look like it has a symbol of Peace on an ebony medallion, but it is in fact a grinning, toothed, monster, only revealed after it is put on, and by then, it is too late to take off. 

Realm (Leave a description, can be as detailed as you like)- MiMorez


MiMorez is a giant swamp, with corrupted trees, which have thorns laced with an agonizing poison that doesn't kill, only inflicts pain. Undead Animals, people, elves, and Beasts rise out of the swamps as their body is dragged in to MiMorez. Human eating fish roam the waters in packs of hundreds, all with empty eyes, and if eaten, the human stomach is melted like acid. This swamp greatly resembles Black Marsh, except where a city would be, Argonian Abominations wander empty streets of a city made of dead trees and black leafed bushes. The cities echo with a wind of dread. Tis is a realm of horror, undead, and Monsters. 

Champion: (Optional. Leave who would be your ideal champion)- Any Adventurers who are new to this profession and far to trusting and innocent, as they are the most enjoyable to corrupt. Most of Daeloths "Champions" are unwilling, but corrupt over time until they are ancient, evil shells of who they used to be.

Alright this won't be serious, but I laughed so hard I thought it should be shared. I asked my girlfriend what kind of Daedric Prince I would be. This is what she said. Ps: she hardly knows anything about the Elder Scrolls and has never played one of the games.

Name: Sir BottomNomer

Sphere: Facial hair, Whisky, and Dominance. (I tried to tell her about Molag Bal but she wasn't having it and said I'd be the OG Daedric prince of Dominance) 

Appearance: (Human) How I look now.

(True Form) A sexy viking lumberjack crossbreed. 

Artifact: A bottle of Jameson with a spike on the bottom of it.

Realm: Pabst Blue Ribbon oceans, Mountain dew lakes, Jameson water falls. With pictures of her all around as far as the eyes can see, and Steak grows on trees.

Champion: Her of course.

Sorry if it's not appropriate for the blog, I'll remove this if it isn't. Just thought it was funny. xD


Name: Melancholia

Sphere: Sorrow, Alchemy, Reclusion

Human Form: An ornately-robed Dunmeri maiden.

True Form: A spriggan that emits grey light instead of green.


The Crown of Leaves - A crown made of oak and leaves  that causes its wearer to become able to create immensely powerful potions & poisons.

Twilight Sorrow - A dagger that causes those struck by it to lay down all weapons, and plea to the attacker for death.

Realm: Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow is a twilight-shrouded land, divided between east and west. The west contains nothing but a flat, grey ground, where the sorrowful and suicidal eternally roam. The east contains beauty from its forests, rivers, waterfalls, and wildlife. In its center, there is a small, wooden shack, surrounded by a hedge maze. This is where Melancholia resides. Alchemists roam the east, surrounded by natural beauty.

Champion: Melancholia's preferred champion is an alchemist who uses her poisons to cause sorrow (e.g. poisoning a child, and making her parents grieve.)


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