The High Rock Bard

 A bard is something of a curiosity even in the courts of High Rock, where intrigue is as common as silk. Musicians and troubadours, doubling as spies, exploit their access to powerful nobility to glean secrets for employers who are usually nameless even to the bard. The nobles welcome such entertainers with full knowledge that any could be a bard; the thrill of outwitting a spy is a notion the Breton aristocracy can hardly resist. Unfortunately, when they finally realize that a master bard has been among them, it is usually too late. Bards use music to soothe hearts and cloud minds; in combat, their abilities to inspire allies and distract foes are legendary. Beyond their music, they are masters of dirty fighting, stealth and larceny.
 In other parts of the world, bards are less prominent but no less dangerous. Bards travel wherever secrets have value: in Skyrim, they once played fairs and graced Thanes and Jarls, listening for secrets that could be used to sway the nobility. Outside of High Rock, most traveling entertainers are now merely musicians, but that only makes the spies more difficult to detect.

Name: Leliana.
Race: Female Nord.
Major Skills: Archery, One Handed, Speech.
Minor Skills: Light Armor, Sneak, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing.
Weapons: The fastest bow you can find and dual-wielding daggers for backup.
Armor: Light Armor, Imperial Armor and circlets looks fine.
Stone: Lord or Lady.
Statistic Focus: 20% Health / 80% Stamina

Leliana's Tale

 Leliana was born in High Rock, but her mother was a Nord, and so she considers herself such as well. Leliana's mother had served Lady Cecile, a Breton noble, and after her mother's death, she was raised by her.
 In time she began to work as a bard for Marjolaine, with whom she fell in love. During this period she ran errands for her lover and became a merciless killer and thief. However, her mentor took advantage of her devotion and framed Leliana for murder. Lured, captured, and beaten, Leliana was thrown into prison. She promptly escaped, and, after investigating the extent of Marjolaine's treachery, fled High Rock, branded as a traitor. Leliana eventually made her way, but when she was crossing the border of Skyrim, she was mistaken as a Stormcloak by the Imperial Legion, and was captured and sent to execution.
 After a mysterious attack of a dragon in helgen, she fled with the help of Hadvar, and now she is seeking forgiveness for her past.


 This build was based in Leliana, a Orlesian Bard in DA series. She is a good person, despite her past, and she always help who needs. Always. She hates evil things like lies, theft and murder, and she would not kill any person, only in self-defense or while defending the weak.
 For the combat style, you must use the fastest bow you can find, Zephyr is a good one, and when the enemy gets too close, you change for you daggers and finish him, like Katria. You can use poisons, but you do not have the knowledge of making them... So you will need to buy, but money is no a problem, as you are adept in "speech".
 You may want to do "priesthood" quests, like Mara and Dibella, as in DA:O Leliana lived among the priests, but she did not take any vows. 

Level 50 Perk Spread

Archery: Leliana is a marksman master, but she does not use the sneaky archery style, she acts more like a "melee" archer. You must have a good supply of arrows, because Zephyr uses them a lot. This kind of archery style is overpowered, because you do not need to use sneak, and when you are out of arrows, change to your daggers and kill the enemy. If you see that you have been surrounded by enemies, change to your daggers and strike every enemy with lingering poisons.

  • All perks.

One Handed: Leliana also knows how to dual wield effectively, you should favorite the daggers, because arrows do not last forever. You also may want to favorite lingering poisons, because they are a great combo with dual wield. You can use power attacks constantly, because you use daggers and have a considerably amount of stamina, but remember to favorite your stamina potions.

  • Armsman 5/5
  • Fighting Stance
  • Savage Strike
  • Dual Flurry 2/2

Speech: She is bard, and more, ex-spy. She knows how to get what she wants, but she does not use it for evil. This can be a safe-pass to some bandit ambushes, like the one nearby Whiterun, and you can use your merchant skill to buy the best arrows, potions and poisons, and sell your junk for good prices.

  • Haggling 5/5
  • Bribery (Do not bribe guards.)
  • Persuasion
  • Allure
  • Merchant

Light Armor: She does not use cloths, as other bards, but instead she uses light armor for protection. I was going to use cloth with this build, but i noticed that i was dying too fast, and i do not like this. And unhindered makes you walk fast, a great combo with the archery perk "Ranger"

  • Agile Defender 5/5
  • Custom Fit
  • Unhindered

Sneak: She have little Sneak skills, because she does not used her abilities for a long time, but she remembers some things. You may use sneak to flee enemies, but you also have great perks like Light Foot, that can greatly increase your survival in battles, and Silent Roll, that can be used to do a battle roll with daggers and bows to flee some powerful enemies. You may want to take the Silent Roll soon as you can, because powerful enemies are everywhere, and you have low health.

  • Stealth 1/5
  • Muffled Movement
  • Light Foot
  • Silent Roll

Lockpicking: She used to be a Lockpicking master, but now she uses it for opening chests in dungeons. This can greatly increase her gold, because you can find more treasures, and even more if you may consider to take the "treasures" perks like Golden Touch and Treasure Hunter.

  • Novice to Adept Locks

Pickpocketing: She does not use anymore this skills, but she knows some things. I choose this skill mainly because fits her background, and the "Extra Pockets" perk is amazing, allowing you to carry even more things

  • Light Fingers 1/5
  • Night Thief
  • Extra Pockets

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Replies to This Discussion

Yeah, I think I'll leave that project on hold for right now, until I have more experience. It just feels "wrong" using your work. I'm working on a much simpler, but unique build right now.

Another DA Build, they keep getting better! :)

Exactly :)

This made me want to buy Dragon Age, looks awesome!

How do you hex edit, I have a flash drive.
What kind of shouts do you think could help this build? With Dragonborn, I have actually started to use shouts and not just because I have to in order to complete a quest.

I couldn't help read it at first as "The High Rock Band" on closer inspection and thinking about it for more than a second, Bard made more sense. +1 

Nice build! +1 from me!

From a roleplay perspective and also more practically, Mephala's Quest "The Ebony Blade" would suit this build well. Your character is based on deadly musicians looking for secrets to sell. Mephala is the Daedric Prince of secrets and betrayal.

Also, your heavy use of One-Handed will keep the Ebony Blade in fairly high damage, seeing how it is affected. Maybe as a back-up weapon, and further adding to the roleplay, the Absorb Health enchantment will be increased by the killing of people who trust you. Perhaps they almost revealed your identity to a target...

Yeah, but if you've played DA:O you would know that she had given up her bard life and tried to live in a chantry until you recruit her in order to help save the world. She does not want vengeance, she just doesn't want to be hunted down. Plus she is devout to the maker which would change into the divines, so daedra worship is off limits

Hi, before my speech, i already added a "like" to this build.

Now, im working on a Lelianas build too, failed when i decided to joing the thiefs guid at lvl 35 so im rerolling right now, but i have a few questions about leliana, i really dont remember so much about dragon age origins, played it when it came avaliable, so, long ago, but there i go:

(if someone knows really well Lelianas lore, please help me with this)

- Whats the backstory of Leliana? she killed? she stole? shes praying for forgiveness to the maker.. and i dont remember why.

- Can Leliana be a devoted follower of talos? if not, i need a new "maker" to pray xD.

- Can Leliana steal if its for a good purpose? Shes a rogue, and she can lockpick too, so kinda fits.

- Can Leliana join the companions? honorable warriors, but lycantrophy pwns with Lelianas lore.

- Can Leliana do the Dawnguard questline? shes hate evil, she fight the darkness, she cant be with a vampire without killing her. Or im wrong?

- Can Leliana kill bandits ? 

- Can Leliana fill dark gems with those bandits? ir its against the lore?

- Can he levelup enchanting to make some powerfull elemental damage (like in sacred ashes trailer) i know alchemy is a better idea, but can i use both without breaking the lore?

Im really stressed thinking about my Lelianas build and i want it to be perfect xD.

Thank u for the help, and sorry if this isnt the place to ask, i cant PM anyone so im asking here, maybe u know about Leliana way more than me.

Sry about my english, hope u understand, cya :D

1. she was framed for treason against orlais (high rock) by her ex-lover/teacher

2. No, she is a Breton. Choose any of the other divines... Maybe Mara?

3. She used to be a bard, and as a bard she killed and stole from people, now, she could steal for the right cause

4. No, she is uses backstabbing and archery to fight, she isn't focused on honor or combat

5. The dawnguard could work

6. Leliana helps your character kill bandits all the time in dragon age origins, I don't think she would mind

7. You could, but I wouldn't make OP weapons

You can PM people if you friend them, just send a friend request and if they accost then you can message them


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