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If Obsidian Made another Fallout game....

Where would you want it to be set? What factions would make a (re)apperance? What kinds of weapons would you want in? What sorts of enemies…

Started by Chris Diokno

27 Aug 30, 2016
Reply by Mr. Edd

Using Console Commands...

I'm curious to know how often, if at all, other Fallout players use console commands in their games beyond fixing bugs or getting out of be…

Started by Seth Farley

5 Aug 19, 2016
Reply by Wu YiXiang

Fallout: Revelation, a Fan-Made TV Show

Hey wastelanders! I was just browsing around Youtube when I saw something amazing. At first put off by the idea of a fan show, I watched th…

Started by ProbsCoolerThanYou

4 Aug 11, 2016
Reply by Chris Diokno

Workshop DLC's... Yay or Nay?

With the announcement of the next 2 Fallout 4 DLC's being workshop ones, I have to wonder... Are y'all OK with this? Me personally... I am.…

Started by Bryn

26 Jul 23, 2016
Reply by Vazgen

Bad Fallout Porn title thread!

Here you can come up with bad Fallout Porn Titles for the fun of it.

Started by Mirric

10 Jul 16, 2016
Reply by Capraicorn

Making a type of Junkyard Settlement (F04)

So when playing Fallout 4, I was playing my own Tinker build (based on fudgemuppet's) then while making a settlement I thought to make a ju…

Started by R4J1-UND3R-L0RD

6 Jul 12, 2016
Reply by Motty Skills

Who am I - Fallout Edition

I thought I'd bring back an old game we used to play here on the site, but give it a Fallout twist instead.  Because really what's better t…

Started by The Mighty DB

51 Jun 11, 2016
Reply by Mirric

Non-Fallout Fans: What do you dislike about Fallout?

It's been about a year now since our beloved Skyrim Blog started incorporating content from the Fallout franchise, and in that time there's…

Started by Caesar

45 May 31, 2016
Reply by Chris Diokno


Gaaaaarrryyyy! Gary Gary Gary Gaarrryyy! Garry Gary Gary Gaaarry Garyyy Haha Gary Translation: Lets start a discussion Entirely in Gary spe…

Started by Mirric

34 May 27, 2016
Reply by Relycs

Wasteland Workshop - Steam Reviews

So I was browsing through Steam today, and I saw a bit of an oddity.The Wasteland Workshop  DLC for is incredibly disliked on Steam, in fac…

Started by The Mighty DB

3 May 24, 2016
Reply by Chris Diokno


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